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KB Bank concert, HanYang Univ (5/17), fancams

As promised in previous photo post, KB Bank concert, HanYang Univ (5/17), photos, here are the fancams.  Includes LSG’s entire segment from start to end, including the ments in between the songs!  English subs included below the ment clips (loose translation; all the screaming made it hard to hear!).

Also, noticed that LSG is always so formal in his ments.  Does he have to speak in polite form to college students too?!  I guess he just can’t help but to be his true, upstanding, well-mannered uhm-chin-ah self!  :)

(ALL video credits: leeseunggi01; DClsg)

1) Love taught me to drink

Ment 1

Hello everyone.  I”m really happy to see you all. It seems the largest group here are 1st year students?  Becuase I was an entertainer during my first year in college, I didn’t get to go to these types of functions much.  I hope this will be a good memory for you as we start the summer.  The second song I’m going to sing is…  What did you say?  What else do you want to hear?  Will you marry me?  So i’ll let you know in advance… everyone here knows that I don’t dance very well, right?!  I have some dancers who are going to do some “dance motions” with me.  You all know the song, right?  please sing loudly together.

2) Will you marry me

2) Will you marry me, close-up

Ment 2

Thank you.  So i’m going to sing the 3rd song… first came out as a digital single, Just like the first time.  Who knows this song?  So at the end, I sing “I love you” and then you guys follow.  And then again.  So how about we try it out one time.  [they do a run through!]  ok, just like that.  so the dancers are going to come out again and I have a favor to ask of the guys here.  Since a lot of the girls here are screaming, some of you guys might be thinking what’s the deal with seunggi.  but if you guys can be patient with my aegyo that would be great.

3) Just like the first time

3) Just like the first time, close-up

Ment 3

Thank you. All the guys here, you had to sit through a lot, didn’t you?! I really want today to be a good memory for you and the last song I’ll sing will be Because you’re my woman. Do you know this song? [screaming] I’m just going to take a quick water drink. [screaming]. I was just drinking some water! So what year were you guys born? [screaming]. I think you’ve all heard of this song, it was my debut song. I will sing Because you’re my woman.

4) Because you’re my woman

Ment 4

[comes out for encore song. not very audible. basically says HanYang University students are great and wishes them well].

Encore) Let’s go on vacation

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3 Responses

  1. Thank you Ann for the translation.
    You are the best. :)

  2. HI Ann, sorry but can i ask what is aegyo? Fans? Thank you for all the translation.

  3. @purple1n2d : it means acting cute~ hope it helps ^^

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