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Children’s Day Dongtan Park performance (5/5)

Part 2 of the Dongtan Park performance photos.  Event #3 and the last one for LSG on packed Children’s Day back in early May.  But looks like he still had a lot of energy! 

The first post included some good fan photos, but this Rosemary person took some super duper high quality photos of LSG from the event.  Realizing more and more why some fans shell out for nice cameras and expensive long lens attachments! 

Obviously these photos are not from Rosemary!  But liked the atmosphere shots of LSG fan cafe Airen mint balloons…

Atmosphere. Love the buildings surrounding the park…

Singing passionately…

Staring intently…

So soulful… gosh, those are some long eyelashes!

Sentimentally smiling… are those tears?

Laughing and having a good time…

(photo credits: Naver blogs; As labeled)

See photos from previous Dongtan Park event entry: 

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