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Lee Seung Gi’s Gumiho girlfriend finally cast?

*** UDPATE 4 – Gumiho rep says they’re open to all options to find best match

*** UDPATE 3 – Naver updates Gumiho kdrama page w/ SSK’s name and photo

*** UDPATE 2 – SBS rep and Gumiho rep says actress has not been finalized

*** UDPATE 1 – SSK’s rep says that a final decision has not been made

(original post, 5/17)

After all the “drama” about whether it would be Sandara Park, Shin Se Kyung, Lee Min Jung, or Jun Ji Hyun Lee Seung Gi FINALLY has a girlfriend for his upcoming drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Yep, and as expected, we will be seeing LSG with…

Per Donga, the only important sentence in the entire article:

Starting in August, Shin Se Kyung will meet viewers through SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

Shin Se Kyung has been cast as the female actress opposite SeungGi.

Okay everyone, aren’t we totally glad that the casting is finally over??!!
Anticipating some really great chemistry between the two!!
How do you guys feel about it?

Lee Seung Gi~~ Shin Se Kyung ~~  Fighting!!!

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho~~ Fighting!!!!

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Even though SSK (20 yrs old)  is one of the IT female stars of the past year in Korea and has become one of the “CF queens,” especially after appearing in the super popular MBC sitcom Highkick through the Roof, most people outside of Korea don’t seem to know much about her (including me); that is, unless they followed the MBC sitcom.  And we know that most Kpop fans outside of Korea usually follow the trendy dramas for the most part!

First, I was shocked she was 20!  She looks way more older/mature than that (in a good way).  And I like that she’s with Namoo Actors, the management behind top stars like Moon Geun Young and Kim Tae Hee.  Anyway, doesn’t seem to be much YT footage on her…

Here’s a short montage of her couple scenes from Highkick
I’m used to seeing kdrama SeungGi with free-spirited girls like EunSung (Han Hyo Joo) from Brilliant Legacy or Teng Chil (Shin Ji Soo) from Famous Princesses…
and SSK definitely gives off a more glamorous feel but she so totally reminds me of Moon Chae Won and I thought LSG-MCW were great together so I’m expecting good things from LSG-SSK couple!!!

Embedding video seems to be disabled so click HERE to see the clip.

On a side note, there’s yet to be any second follow-up article from the any of the press outlets, which makes me a bit nervous.  It better be the journalists just trying to be extra accurate after previously putting out so many crazy rumored articles!

*** UDPATE 1 ***

Asiae is reporting that they just spoke to a rep from SSK’s company and he said, “SSK is currently considering the Gumiho project.  Nothing has been finalized yet.” 

I thought it was weird when only 2 articles had surfaced.  To me, it’s unclear whether SSK’s company is stalling to make it look like she’s calling the shots to fend off the recent rumors that the Gumiho production was considering other top stars as well… or whether the production crew is still considering some other actresses. 

Ughhh… i knew this was too good to be true when the press wasn’t reporting on this.  okay, we’ll wait for a formal statement from the Gumiho crew and/or LSG’s management.

*** UPDATE 2 ***

Star News is reporting that they spoke to an SBS rep who said, “It is true that SSK is a strong candidate but this has not been finalized. In addition to SSK, there are other female actresses that are strong candidates.”

A rep with the Gumiho production said, “Currently Lee Seung Gi is the only confirmed actor.  Other actors have not been finalized yet.” 

The SBS rep said, “Lee Seung Gi is an actor that’s had a very good response.  Thus, even though a female actress has not been finalized yet, it will probably be the best combination.”

Okay, this is total deja-vu from two months ago!  See previous post:
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho vs. Gumiho’s Revenge?

Whether it be Gumiho production people or SSK’s people that’s really stalling at this point, this is not good PR (public relations) for the potential actress or the drama itself to be garnering this type of buzz, especially when filming should be starting soon.  Come on people.  The Gumiho reps said a final decision would most likely be announced this week so we still have a few days left.  

*** UPDATE 3 ***

Two months ago, LSGfan posted that the Gumiho drama page was officially up on Naver (Korea’s top internet search engine), even though the other cast members had not been decided at that time.  Only LSG’s photo and name and the Hong Sisters were listed.  Well as of today,  Naver, has updated the page with SSK’s name and photo.  See screenshot below and check out the link.  

Um, can Naver officially do this when the news hasn’t been finalized?!  Or are they like me and know it’s just a matter of time before they announce SSK as LSG’s girlfriend.  In this back and forth between the Gumiho production side and SSK’s management, SSK’s side will ultimately be worse off PR-wise if they don’t do something quick – whether it’s to convince the PDs that they should choose her OR to just sign on the freakin’ dotted line if she’s just stalling.  I mean it’s not like she’s a Jun Ji Hyun!  yet.  (note to SSK: You were my original pick out of the group so don’t let me down)!

Viewers and fans typically take out their frustration on what is easily seen (the actors) than what is not seen (the production people).  And LSG fans in Korea, though typically sweet like LSG himself, are known to be fiercely protective and devoted!  So if SSK expects LSG fans to root for her, she and her management better get moving. :)

(Realizing they were jumping the gun, looks like Naver has taken down SSK photo and name and returned to just LSG’s photo)

*** UPDATE 4 ***

TV Daily spoke to a Gumiho production rep by phone and s/he said:  “We are leaving all options open.  As we are auditioning a bunch of actresses each day, we want to find a good match for the role and could even cast a more newer/rookie actress.” 

S/He also added, “As the broadcast for the drama is planned for August, we still have time.  We will start filming towards the end of June or early July and so we are expecting to finalize the casting next week.”

What the heck?  The gumiho production people should just stop having phone calls with the press outlets and just focus on making a final decision and announce it next week.  Now that JJH is definitely not an option, are they trying to  make up for their statements from a while back that they were looking to a top hallyu star, and now saying that they might end up casting a newbie?

Okay, we all know (or at least I think) that SSK will most likely be the one cast and that they had her in mind early on, but as more top female stars got interested in the project, perhaps SSK became more of a second option?  Honestly, I’m not hot on SSK, but she made the most sense to me within the the pool of candidates.  And so if she is going to be cast, at least make her feel like she was wanted and deserves to be there!  It’s hard as an actor to do your job when the production crew keeps talking like this, let alone if you want an overall successful drama. 

Who knows, maybe we’ll be really surprised next week and they’ll announce some total newbie or some top A-lister… highly doubt it!  I had read early on that there was going to be a lot of advance filming for this drama, but I guess not anymore?!

13 Responses

  1. yes! can’t believe it’s finally cast! I liked Shin Sae Kyung the most! yay! woot woot!!!

  2. kyaaaaa….let it be a “daebak”….cant wait to see what the couple will look like….:))

  3. well, interestingly, there’s only one very low-key article out about it and with a sort-of unrelated title. maybe after all the drama surrounding the casting news, SBS and the PD crew came to their senses and decided to let it out quietly… the press is still reporting on 2 different stories about LSG and SSK —

    LSG’s fans’ money donation to celebrate his upcoming 6-year debut and how top singer Sung Shi Kyung (who was released from the military today) dreamed of SSK to help him get through his army service! LOL!

    i’m sure the news will blow up soon. seunggi must be so happy. :)

  4. can’t wait until August ^^
    i’m curious about the gumiho’s story

  5. u know something..this is a joke only… Shin Se Kyung initial is SSK, the male ballad singer who was discharged from army today is Sung Si Kyung, also SSK…hahaha… whenever i read the initial SSK, it always reminded me of the ballad singer……ok..sorry!

    i wasn’t interested in MCW acting opposite SGi in this drama..nothing against her…but recently i was rewatching BL again and her character really pissed me off…hehehe… so i was hoping it’s not her at all.. and i do agreed that SSK really do resemble MCW in some ways….

    nevertheless, i hope she will be able to build up the chemistry with our SGi dongsaeng and create another viewership history!!!

    Fighting Gumiho!!!
    Fighting Seung Gi!!!!!

  6. the article is so annoying..
    SSK didnt decide it yet??
    Hong sister drama is little odd to people..;;

  7. if it’s the production team still making final decision, then i can understand about it..since they want to make sure they are choosing the right female lead.

    but if it’s SSK’s agency trying to stall time and show who is the boss here, then i can’t imagine how snobbish they will be after the drama ends…

    hope the delay is due to the 1st reason….

  8. There is another way to look at the situation. It may be a feeling tactic used to see the response if the candidate is selected. OR to me is the bigger suspect, the candidate team trying to put pressure on the panel for the final decision by leaking things out intentionally.There are many reasons why they are doing it, Fear that they are loosing at the negotiation table or their candidate has been eliminated .

  9. Search engine works mainly by how you put in keywords on your web page which is coded in html or others invisible in the webpage but is picked up by the spider crawler of the search engine to put it ahead in the search.. It works for google but I am not too sure whether it is the same for naver.
    in the end it can be manipulated to do the job so

  10. Not just Naver,but also in DramaWiki. If you search for Shin Se Kyung, her profile already include My Girlfriend is a Gumiho as her TV Shows. here the link http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Shin_Se_Kyung

  11. lee seunggi really really really really really look good with shin min ah!

  12. Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung Gi were really great together.. i love them… Na nomo nomo nomo nomo nomo nomo chua:)

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