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Prince SeungGi vs. Trot Prince, Strong Heart cuts

*** UPDATED with Eng subbed/encoded videos ***

LSG video cuts from Tuesday’s (5/18) Strong Heart episode:
English translation: LSGfan; video credits: rapport2010; tryp96]

Video clip:  Prince SeungGi and Trot Prince Park Hyun Bin

I definitely prefer LSG’s comical but hot 1n2d Shabang Shabang version!

Video clip: LSG wants people to know he won a drama award?
[Prior to this clip, LSG had just introduced actor Ji Suk Jin, and mentions that JSJ won an SBS Drama Award last year, to which JSJ says that LSG was there too…]

See video cuts of LSG and HHJ at the 2009 SBS Drama Awards:
LSG – HHJ’s duet of The Person Living in my Heart

Video clip: LSG-KHD’s opening intro

[Nothing really worth translating… SeungGi just looks great!]

See RATINGS/RECAP from this ep:

See more LSG cuts:

2 Responses

  1. LSG is the best! Love everything about him.

  2. LSGi is the best! Love everything about him!

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