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LSG wants drama kiss scenes, Strong Heart cuts

LSG video cuts from last Tuesday’s (5/11) Strong Heart episode:
English translation: LSGfan; video credits: tryp96

Video clip:  LSG wants the number to a certain Kdrama PD?

[The guest had just been telling a story how he and another actress had to do a passionate kiss scene straight for like 10 minutes]
LSG: [a bit overexcited] You had to keep doing it for 10 minutes?! [everyone laughs].
KHD: What was the name of that PD?
LSG: Can you give me the PD’s phone number? I’ll have to call when I have time! [everyone laughs and screen caption reads: LSG’s message/wish – please please include a kiss scene for “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho”]

Video clip: KHD teases Prince LSG that there’s a Worldstar here

KHD: For a kiss scene…
LSG: [looking embarassed] Yes…
[crowd oohs and ahhs]
LSG: Yes, go on…
KHD: The question isn’t directed to you okay?!
[everyone cracks up b/c it seemed like KHD was directing the question at LSG].
KHD: [sarcastically] The question isn’t for you okay! um today, we have a worldstar here as a guest! [to the guests] Ha, LSG thought I was going to ask him the question and was already thinking how he should answer!
LSG: I was really thinking, oh man it’s me again! Sorry, sorry.

Video clip: LSG’s corny Hudang jokes for Rain

KHD: It’s time for Hudang LSG’s jokes.
LSG: Since Rain sunbae is here today, I’ve prepared stuff for him.
KHD: It’s worldstar Rain vs. Prince LSG. [everyone claps]
LSG: I heard that you really dislike Kim Tae Hee.
RAIN: I don’t like her?
LSG: Do you know why?
[LSG imitates one of Rain’s dance moves and song lines that sounds similar to “I don’t like Tae Hee.” Everyone cracks up; omg, corny Hudang jokes. LOL!]

LSG: Was that okay?
RAIN: It was okay.
LSG: Oh if that’s the case, how about one more?! [everyone laughs]
LSG: Rain, you and Kim Young Chul were talking and what is it that Young Chul asked you regarding Saudi? [everyone seems perplexed and LSG’s answer is another corny joke play on words with Rain’s name in it. omg, totally Hudang!]

[KHD then puts Gag Concert comedian on the spot to share a joke. KHD says that that 1n2d’er Lee Soo Geun always says that this guy is the one with all the great ideas and Soo Geun learns from him. LSG and KHD countdown anticipating an amazing funny joke to come out, but the guy answers, “I don’t know” cracking everyone up. LSG then follows up with another hudang joke to which everyone’s like oh no you didn’t!].
KHD: Wait a minute. [pointing to LSG fans in the audience] Isn’t the thumbs up response to the joke a bit too much?! Come on! [laughter].

LSG: Btw, I read that you came in #1 in a survey.
KHD: Me?
LSG: Yes, the celeb with the biggest head in korea!
[then LSG says the other guy in red came in 4th to which a guest says ppl wearing red must have big heads; which causes Hyo Min to slip off her red cardigan! laughter.]

See RATINGS/RECAP from this ep:

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