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$14,500 charitable donation from SeungGi fans

For SeungGi’s upcoming 6-year anniversary since his deubt (June 4), fans have already sent gifts to LSG’s parents and management and sponsored a Strong Heart gift/lunch event.  And fans are also following LSG’s example of giving to the needy…

Fans donated 16,660,000 KRW (about $14,500 US) to the KBS Dong Heng project, something that SeungGi has been involved with this past year both financially and personally.  Wow!  Definitely very generous and thoughtful fans… just like SeungGi!  They say fans are very much like their celeb stars! :)

Earlier this year, LSG visited a needy family and brought gifts.  Read more and see photos from previous post:  Photoblog, LSG visits family from KBS show Dong Heng

With all of LSG’s varied events, it definitely looks like “Public Service” will be an important part of his busy schedule.  And in related news, his heartwarming Lotto Commission CF just started airing in Korea over the weekend.

(LSGfan.wordpress.com via Osen, Newsen)

3 Responses

  1. i am soooooooo proud to be his fan!
    we love you seunggi!!!!!!!

  2. Yes, me too. e are proud to be his fan and this is why we all love him more more. :)

  3. hi! It’s in the news now that SSK will be seung gi’s loVe interest in GUMIHO..

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