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Lee SeungGi and Kim Yuna record World Cup song together

Expect to see Lee Seung Gi and Kim Yuna together for another KB Bank related ad campaign, but this time they will sing a duet song together!  It was revealed today that KB Bank CF models, LSG and KYA have recorded a song together for the upcoming World Cup and it’s making top news of course!

It can also be viewed as Kim Yuna formally putting her name out there as a singer (a KB Bank rep says that there is no truth to the reports that this song is some sort of singing debut platform for Kim Yuna, and stated that the song is planned to be used primarily for the World Cup campaign; via Star News),  Furthermore, it was revealed that KYA’s part is about 30-40 seconds long; it’s unclear whether LSG sings the rest of the song or whether this newly rearranged piece is a shortened version…

Earlier this year, LSG and KYA’s KB Bank CF for the winter olympics received a lot of love and gained even more interest when it was revealed that the CF was done using composite photos.  (The two had planned to film the CF together in Vancouver while KYA was preparing for the olympics, but it was decided that it be best not to bother her practices at the time).

And as “nation’s younger brother” Lee Seung Gi and “figure queen” Kim Yuna are both beloved in Korea, there has been a lot of anticipation to see them together in another KB Bank CF together.  And it was revealed that through this upcoming song, people can expect to see the “birth of the nation’s siblings.”

However, the two did not meet in person to record the song!
LSG and KYA individually recorded their parts and then the song was mixed together at the recording studio.  Expect to hear their song starting May 24th.  It was reported that since both LSG and KYA are top stars, extra precaution was taken to keep everything secret until the song is released.

But, the duet song will be very familiar to many LSG fans and fans of the recent winter olympics… LSG’s song “Smile Boy” from his 3rd album was rearranged as the duet song for LSG and KYA to sing together.

(via Sports Chosun)

LSG’s song “Smile Boy” was used a lot during the winter olympics coverage because the lyrics were a good fit for cheering on the athletes and expect this upcoming song to be used to cheer on the Korean World Cup team as well.
How much is everyone anticipating this???!!!! :)

Fanmade MV of Yuna’s skate program set to Seunggi’s “Smile Boy”

(cr: koolbjeongshin)

LSG’s “Smile Boy” used for Winter Olympics coverage

(cr: leeseunggi01)

More news article photos of LSG and KYA — Have a strong feeling the two will finally meet in person to promote the World Cup together for KB Bank!

(photo credits: As labeled)

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5 Responses

  1. there really isn’t a chance for them to meet personally.

  2. can’t wait! finally we get to see them together again; well sort of!

  3. Just wondering,
    are we going to see them together in the new KB Bank CF? or they are going to film them separately again?

    Can wait for the news CF and the duet song..:)

    • I think they only recorded a duet (Smile Boy) separately but it wasn’t indicated in the news if they did a commercial film together.

  4. to clarify – it wasn’t reported directly that there is a CF in the works; but the duet was referred to as a CM song (CM-commercial movie; ie, CF); so i think many are assuming that a KB Bank CF with a World Cup theme will be airing, similar to the winter olympics.

    but yes, the song is the only thing that’s confirmed thus far. but already there are conflicting reports in the press… are we surprised?! :) like that KYA is debuting as a singer… she is not.

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