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Gumiho actress to be announced next week

What is wrong with the Gumiho production staff?  If you haven’t made a final decision on the casting, why not just answer press questions with a simple statement saying that a decision hasn’t been made.  Are all the details necessary?  It just complicates things and just gives the press a chance to write some more misleading headlines!

Well, you can definitely cross out Jun Ji Hyun as Lee Seung Gi’s Gumiho girlfriend.  According to Osen, they spoke to a representative with the Gumiho drama production on May 13th —

There has been much interest in who will play Lee Seung Gi’s Gumiho girlfriend.  The drama will be broadcast on SBS in August on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  The rep said, “We are considering a few actresses, but we have not finalized anyone yet” and added, “As our plans are for an August broadcast, at the earliest, the  female actress should be announced next week.” 

In particular, it brings together Lee Seung Gi who had great success with Brilliant Legacy and the Hong Sisters, the hit writing duo behind dramas Fantasy Couple and You’re Beautiful, and so of course there has been great interest in who will play Lee Seung Gi’s partner in the drama. 

At one point, there was talk of Jun Ji Hyun, Shin Se Kyung, and 2nE1’s Sandara Park, even though no one had been finalized yet.  According to the production rep, “Jun Ji Hyun’s name had been considered, but it was ultimately decided that she would not be involved.  Shin Se Kyung is one of several actresses being considered.  Currently, there are other actresses being considered and not just Shin Se Kyung.”  He added, “Sandara Park’s name had never been considered so I’m not sure how her name got associated with the female role.  Talk of Sandara Park’s involvement is groundless.” 

“My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” is scheduled to air in August following Kim Nam Gil and Han Ga In’s “Bad Guy” which will start airing once “Prosecutor Princess” is done.

(English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com)

Still pulling for Shin Se Kyung!  The whole Jun Ji Hyun possibility never made sense to me.  SSK and LSG please!!!!  At least we know we can expect an announcement sometime next week…

9 Responses

  1. saw SSK latest MV and not impressed with her crying and sad scenes. something is missing there..Still need a lot of acting skill to reach the level required for this leading role. Still waiting for the top actress they are trying to get…

  2. Why not pair with HHJ again!

  3. i think HHJ chose RAIN’s drama.

  4. absolutelly right….why not HHJ again??? hhehehehehehe

  5. With HHJ it would only be possible if the story plot is a spin off from BL. That way it makes sense. personally wouldn’t mind it being the case. They are a great pair on and off screen.:)

  6. hi! just out of topic.some good news about LEE SEUNG GI and KIM YUNA,its about a duet song for their KB commercials..thanks..

  7. HHJ is currently filming DongYi and i don’t think the drama will finish anytime soon since it was MBC’s anniversary kind of high budget drama.

  8. i wouldn’t want HHJ… viewers will still think they are still watching BL…haha…

    i don’t mind Lee Min Jung….. ..

    i’m not so keen in SSK….

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