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Activia yogurt marketing from Korea to U.S.

Activia~~ I will eat you! hee hee
We found a new expression from Lee Seung Gi~~
With a playful look on his face, doesn’t the way he’s looking
at the Activia seem to say “I’ll eat you, just wait~” hee hee
As it is a hot May, this is one cut from Lee Seung Gi.^^

Seems everyone’s feeling a bit sad about the KimC news… so a few recent Activia blog photos to get you smiling!  I also included the English translation (blue font) of the very cute comments from the Activia blogger along with the photos…

A spoonful of Activia directly from Seung Gi
Everyone, say ah ^^

Would you like to have some Activia with me?
Personally, I usually like close up pictures of Lee Seung Gi but~
today I chose a full size picture of him^^
Because I can’t do away with the Activia logo
sadly Seung Gi’s feet were covered up
Those curious even with Seung Gi’s feet? hee hee hee
A big file of a 1280 x 1024 picture has been prepared for you~~

This is the wallpaper version of the photo; if you check out the blog, you’ll see that his shoes are covered up with the Activia logo.  Very cute blog comments to keep fans returning for more!   Made me buy Activia here in the States.


(photo credits: Activia; tryp96)

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