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Photoblogger’s spoliers true, Kim C leaving 1n2d

Seems the photoblogger who posted BTS photos and comments from the recent 1n2d filming was correct about the “spoilers” and… KimC is definitely leaving 1n2d and those photos were from his last filming for the show.  Looks like while I was catching up on some sleep (!) the Korean press finally picked up on the blogger’s photos/comments and now it’s been confirmed by KimC’s management that he is indeed leaving…

I was totally shocked after seeing the photoblogger’s comments when she first posted but now knowing that KimC is totally cool with it, I’m super happy for him and his band Hot Potato… Sad for the other 1n2d guys, but especially for Seunggi, as it seems he was the closest to KimC among all the guys and really looked up to him and hung out with a lot on the 1n2d set. :(

Best wishes to KimC and his family and his indie band Hot Potato!
My fave Hot Potato song (Rain Tears)… loved it every time they played it on 1n2d!
Also includes 2 additional songs.  Love them live! :)

(cr: tohorocks)

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3 Responses

  1. Sure we are all going to miss him

    Good Luck Kim C and Hot Potato
    always love you….:)

  2. im worried about one thing now…hope theres no chain reaction from all this..then in the end LSG will exit too..juz like infinity challenge now…thy kinda cycles their member order..then 1n2d will olso take in celeb guest to the show ruining the shows originality…if the shows hv drastic drop in ratings..thy will surely turn to this kinda show format…kim c is one of the member that hv built the show’s 3 years foundation…so, it will in no question his decision will affect 1n2d…i mean this kinda chain reaction…hope theres none of it…the i will be very sad..especially if LSG left…theres even signs of it recently…

  3. Oh please dont let there be any chain reaction! I have cried so much when I read the news. I dont think I can handle another person leaving, especially Seung Gi!

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