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KimC called 1n2d members 2 days before last filming

LSGfan blog doesn’t plan to follow the news about Kim C leaving 1n2d in detail unless the news is related to Seunggi and his activities.  However, to clarify some of the stuff going around about why Kim C is leaving, when this was first considered, and what some of his plans are… here’s a translation (in blue font) of a Donga news article; the journalist spoke directly with 1n2d’s PD Na…

“The members did not know” about Kim C’s departure.  He personally called them.  Sea of tears… Answers form 1n2d’s PD Na.

The members didn’t know. Singer Kim C will be leaving KBS Happy Sunday’s 1n2d. Donga Newspaper spoke to PD Na by phone and PD Na said, “Kim C is leaving 1n2d to concentrate on his music and because the time spent together has been close to 3 years, KimC leaving 1n2d has been a big blow to all the members as well as the 1n2d staff.”

And it was 6 months ago when Kim C first approached the 1n2d staff about leaving in order to concentrate on his music. PD Na said, “The members did not know about KimC leaving 1n2d. They found out two days before his last 1n2d filming when KimC called the members. KimC’s last filming was filled with some heavy hearts and a sea of tears among the 7 members and the staff.”

Q&A with PD Na (Only PD Na’s responses to the reporter’s questions were translated.  These are his direct quotes.)

We plan to go on with 6 members and there are no plans to bring in a new member.

KimC first approached the 1n2d staff about leaving 1n2d to concentrate his music about 6 months ago. And we were originally thinking that he would depart after the Antarctica trip; but after that trip got cancelled, this seemed to be the best time.

For the program and personally for me, this is all a big blow. But before it gets even later, KimC wants to concentrate on his music, and for someone who’s been so good to us, I want to respect his wishes.

Actually, during the 1n2d filming, we talked about that [Kim C possibly returning to 1n2d later on]. He said that if 1n2d is still around after he’s done with all his studying then he’d return.

I think Kim C didn’t tell the other members the news about him leaving earlier on because he didn’t want things to be burdensome or chaotic for them because of him. Before the last filming with Kim C, the staff called each of the members to tell them the news, and Kim C also called them.

There was a lot of disappointment among the members that they could not prepare in advance for this last filming. There was just a sea of tears from the staff and members. In particular, sentimental Lee Soo Geun shed a lot of tears.

About all this, Kim C said, “This is not something that was decided easily. I had been talking with the staff about this. I never imagined that I would receive so much love from everyone.”

He said, “While traveling all over Korea for close to 3 years there’s been so many things, connecting with many people, and also just because of Kang Ho Dong, Lee Soo Geun, Eun Ji Won, MC Mong, Kim Jong Min, Lee Seung Gi. I feel I can leave happily because of the memories shared with these six brothers and members.”  He also thanked the members, 1n2d staff, and all the viewers who have loved the show for respecting and understanding his decision.

A rep from Kim C’s company said, “It was Kim C’s own decision to leave 1n2d” and “I think he has been thinking a lot about his life as an artist. There is no external reason for his leaving as it was Kim C’s personal decision.” Also, “Kim C is planning to travel abroad, but not studying abroad” thus shooting down talk about Kim C planning to study abroad.

Kim C was very encouraged by the warm response to Hot Potato’s song “Confession” and plans to follow up with “See Saw.” Afterwards, a national concert tour and performances in Seoul are being planned.

Kim C’s last appearance on 1n2d will be broadcast on May 23 and 30.

English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com

Best wishes to Kim C, his family, and Hot Potato!!!!  :)  You will be missed!  :)

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3 Responses

  1. what a heartwarming article..thank you…TT TT….

  2. thanks so much Ann.
    my tears are dropping again T_T

  3. Thank you Ann
    We might see him on 1N2D again someday…..
    We wish him and Hot Potato for the best.

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