SeungGi sheds tears at Kim C’s last 1n2d filming

Anyone who’s watched 1n2d knows how much KimC adores Seunggi and vice versa, how much SeungGi respects and admires his KimC hyung.  And it’s like Fan Rule #1 that if someone is nice or good to your guy then you automatically can’t help but to like that person too!  :) Thus, SeungGi fans’ love for KimC runs pretty deep…

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KimC called 1n2d members 2 days before last filming

LSGfan blog doesn’t plan to follow the news about Kim C leaving 1n2d in detail unless the news is related to Seunggi and his activities.  However, to clarify some of the stuff going around about why Kim C is leaving, when this was first considered, and what some of his plans are… here’s a translation (in blue font) of a Donga news article; the journalist spoke directly with 1n2d’s PD Na…

“The members did not know” about Kim C’s departure.  He personally called them.  Sea of tears… Answers form 1n2d’s PD Na.

The members didn’t know. Singer Kim C will be leaving KBS Happy Sunday’s 1n2d. Donga Newspaper spoke to PD Na by phone and PD Na said, “Kim C is leaving 1n2d to concentrate on his music and because the time spent together has been close to 3 years, KimC leaving 1n2d has been a big blow to all the members as well as the 1n2d staff.”

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Photoblogger’s spoliers true, Kim C leaving 1n2d

Seems the photoblogger who posted BTS photos and comments from the recent 1n2d filming was correct about the “spoilers” and… KimC is definitely leaving 1n2d and those photos were from his last filming for the show.  Looks like while I was catching up on some sleep (!) the Korean press finally picked up on the blogger’s photos/comments and now it’s been confirmed by KimC’s management that he is indeed leaving…

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