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Top stars endorse Pizza Hut CFs

Pizza Hut released the Behind-the-Scenes video of the recent “The Special” CF today.  Note to Pizza Hut – um, can we please have less of that silly pizza maker dude and cheezy pizzas… and more of SeungGi please!!!!

(cr: leeseunggiworld02)

The whole business of CFs in Korea is soooo fascinating to me… which by the way, according to TVcf.co.kr rankings, Seunggi is now sharing the #2 spot with Lee Na Young for the number of unique CFs that have aired in the past 12 months.  But his first Perioe CF should be out soon and I don’t think they’ve included his new Kolon Sport CF yet.  He’s been at #2 behind Kim Yuna (who deserves to stay at #1 for years!) for quite a while now…

Per earlier post, “Battle of the Stars” among the Bank CFs, pizza companies also rely on top stars…  Again so interesting to me b/c top celebs in America don’t do these types of CFs.  But my cousin explained that the American food imports (Pizza Hut, Dominos, TGIFridays, etc) are more on the upscale side in Korea because they are American-based. 

Check out some of the older Pizza Hut CFs, including up to last year, Rain, and Han Ye Seul and Shin Min Ah before that.  Wonder if Seunggi and Rain talked about pizza on the set of Strong Heart… :)

Singer/Actor Rain

(cr: oOoLjNHoOo)

Actress/Model Han Ye Seul

(cr: freeta)

Actress/Model – Shin Min Ah

(cr: freeta)

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