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Strong Heart, TV Ratings (May 11, 2010): Guest Rain, Part 2

May 11, 2010

AGB Nielsen
6- SBS Strong Heart = 16.4%
* KBS Win Win = 6.0% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
4- SBS Strong Heart = 16.4%

Yay for Strong Heart!  Omg, this week’s episode was just as hilarious as last week’s.  A lot of it was definitely focused on Rain but all the other guests were hilarious.  And it’s true, you can’t help but to like (or in some cases, dislike) celebs more after they appear on variety shows.  One think I really like about Strong Heart is that they bring out a variety of celebs, some older, some younger, some well-known, others less known… and it gives them all a chance to get themselves out there. 

Also, made me really appreciate Leeteuk more; can imagine how hard it is to lead an idol group of 13 guys with all diferent personalities.  And Hee Chul talking about rumors about him being gay… and Tablo saying that it was kind of weird seeing Mirtha and Hee Chul so close.  And the way Hee Chul was talking about things, I can totally see how people could misunderstand.  But LeeTeuk vouched for him that he really really likes girls!!  And T-ara’s JiHyun talking about Yoo Seung Ho… she was so cute that it was so funny! 

And the actor Lee Tae Goon… omg, he was the best!  Had no idea who he was before this.  And seriously, Hodong has no shame in talking about KBS and 1 Night 2 Days on SBS!  LOL!  And omg, SJ’s ShinDong cracks me up each week… the parodies are def getting better and kudos to Leeteuk for letting him do his thing.  And now that they’ve changed to using more cute and sweet photos of the guests, that part of the show is not as annoying.  The main downside again, is that b/c of all the guests, some get short-shrifted so there were some guests that got like no air time whatsoever.  

Anyway, next week’s ep is going to be focused on variety show MCs and it looks to be hilarious with all the mix of MBC and KBS guys on an SBS show!!!  And check out the funny LSG-Rain video cuts with Eng translation from last week’s ep if you haven’t seen it yet.  I really felt like I was watching one of the earlier episodes of Strong Heart when things were still fresh!  See large pix of all the guests at the Strong Heart Photo Diary.

Strong Heart~~ Fighting!  SeungGi and Hodong~~ Fighting!!

Read comments about last week’s ratings HERE.

May 4, 2010

AGB Nielsen
6- SBS Strong Heart = 15.7%
* KBS Win Win = 7.1% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
4- SBS Strong Heart = 17.3%

April 27, 2010

Due to the naval ship tragedy, SBS did not air Strong Heart (Win Win was aired).

April 20, 2010

AGB Nielsen
10- MBC PD Show = 11.0%
11- SBS Strong Heart = 10.1%
19- KBS Win Win = 8.4%

TNS Media
10- SBS Strong Heart = 10.8%
14- MBC PD Show = 9.6%
15- KBS Win Win = 9.0%

April 13, 2010

AGB Nielsen
9- KBS Win Win = 12.2%
13- SBS Strong Heart = 10.7%

TNS Media
9- KBS Win Win = 12.4%
11- SBS Strong Heart = 11.3%

April 6, 2010

AGB Nielsen
11- SBS Strong Heart = 11.8%
* KBS Win Win = 8.0% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
8- SBS Strong Heart = 13.2%

March 30, 2010

Due to the naval ship tragedy, all Variety shows were cancelled.

March 23, 2010

AGB Nielsen
9- SBS Strong Heart = 15.3%
* KBS Win Win = 7.0% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
7- SBS Strong Heart = 14.9%

March 16, 2010

AGB Nielsen
9- SBS Strong Heart = 15.1%
* KBS Win Win = 7.8% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
8- SBS Strong Heart = 15.3%

March 9, 2010

AGB Nielsen
7- SBS Strong Heart = 16.5%
* KBS Win Win = 7.9% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
8- SBS Strong Heart = 15.6%

March 2, 2010

AGB Nielsen
6- SBS Strong Heart = 16.6%
* KBS Win Win = 6.9% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
6- SBS Strong Heart = 16.2%

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  1. where is the preview?? didn’t they show it from yesterday??

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