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1n2d intellectuals KimC and SeungGi, BTS photos

Per all the earlier posts, there have been tons of great Behind the Scenes photos and fancams from this past weekend’s 1n2d filming, similar to when they filmed the Korean Route 3 night 4 day special prior to that.  But some photographer with a Nikon D90 got some amazing shots of the 1n2d guys during their usual morning after ment, and posted them on her photoblog.  I posted most of the photos here  and also included English translation in blue font…

As soon as the 1n2d guys showed up there were huge crowds…

Cute SeungGi laughing…

They took their places and started filming their 1n2d closing ment…

These photos may be sort of a spolier?! It was shown that this would be the last filming for KimC and he would be coming out of the 1n2d team. Farewell/parting.

A commemorative filming time for just them…

And then continued on to photo time…

Totally cute Lee Seung Gi.  One little kid who got to hold LSG’s hand said that she would now never wash her hand again… he he he. I only got to see Kang Ho Dong the day before, so I was a bit disappointed… he he he.  But then the next day I was able to see the entire 1n2d team.

(photo credits: Laki photoblog; bedifferent @soompi)

Check out the photographer’s blog to see larger, high quality versions of these photos; click next to the little up/down arrow icons to see all the photos.

Okay… so the weird part –

Per earlier post, there was talk that the PD in the photos was leaving to go work on a music show.  But some are saying that KimC may be leaving the show and that this was his last 1n2d filming.  Others think the guys are congratulating him on his album’s surprising success.  Some fans think there’s no way KimC is leaving the show, including me!  If true, press would’ve picked up on it?

Curious to know if any other fans at the filming site posted anything or if it’s all based on this one photographer’s comments?  I have to admit, the guys look very grave, even Seunggi who’s usually laughing all the time.  Either way, I won’t believe it until KimC himself confirms it.  He seems to be tweeting away like normal.

I love KimC.  He adores SeungGi and is the one who gave him the nickname Hudang!  And it’s been said that Seunggi and KimC are close on the 1n2d set and talk a lot, and that Seunggi really respects KimC’s intellect.  You see the two together a lot on 1n2d… aw, I really hope there is nothing to this rumor! :(

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10 Responses

  1. I agree with you, there is totally nononono for any of them out from the show!

  2. i hope that this is just a rumor.not true,or else i will be so sad.coz i really love him.

    maybe the photos which other guys lifting kim C just show us that it is also hidden camera same as welcome the PD two years ago.

  3. Ann, LAKI took a couple of KimC photos off her blog.

  4. the reason ppl think KimC may be leaving is b/c the photographer also included comments with her photos. and somehow, I forgot to include this translation comment —

    After the “spoiler” part, she wrote: “It was shown that this would be the last filming for KimC and he would be coming out of the 1n2d team. Farewell/parting.”

    Edited post with inserted comment. so it’s not just based on the photos; it’s her actual comments. but who knows if she heard them say that or she just decided to think that on her own. hope it’s not true. :(

  5. Kim.c andweee..
    U can’t leave 1n2d..

    I really2 regret if that’s real..

  6. Ann could you please look at this article

    I think is about Kim C quit 1N2D( I use Google Translate) but need to be sure.
    Thank you

  7. i think the news is pretty much official now…to those who are interested check the allkpop website apparently a news group has picked up on it…i really feel sad…but i guess this was eventually bound to happen…life goes on and changes all the time…even when we don’t want it to…its best to just enjoy what we have and be content with it…1n2d fighting!!!

  8. seriously…depressing news..hope he’l come back someday…really goin to miss Kim C…good luck to him

  9. man, everything is about timing… you decide to catch up on sleep and then news breaks out like crazy about KimC! so yeah, it is def true… he is leaving. And the photoblogger was totally right about the “spoilers.”

    haven’t had a chance to read up on why he’s leaving yet. I’m def sad about it but am sure that he’s probably leaving on his own terms (b/c he wants to) and not b/c anyone wants him to… so in that way I’m sort of happy for him. but bummed that this is the way people had to find out.

    I’m really sad for Seunggi b/c I know he soooo respects KimC and really likes hanging out with him on the 1n2d set. esp as KimC is so diff from the rest of the other guys and is also such an admirable guy :(

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