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Seunggi’s screaming fans, 1n2d BTS fancam

Set to LSG’s Love Taught me to Drink and Just like the First time, this may be one of the best Behind-the-Scenes 1n2d fancams I’ve seen; includes photo compilation at the end.  Seunggi, the crowds can’t help but to love you! :) 1n2d~ Fighting!!

(cr: leeseunggi01)

Also, looks like the BTS photos are neverending!  I know 1n2d’s been a fan favorite for a long time but curious to know if these fan crowds have always been like this during filming?  Seems like it’s gotten a bit more crazed over the past few months.

Read that there are a lot of 1n2d fans who discovered 1n2d after seeing Seunggi in Brilliant Legacy…  hope it doesn’t get too uncomfortable among the guys.  According to a fan account, when she unexpectedly came upon the 1n2d filming and the guys heading out… she first ran into Mong and he pointed to the crowd behind him and said, “Seunggi is coming.” Aw, Mong…

(cr: DClsg; cyworld)

UPDATE  2 – And more BTS photos

(cr: Naver blog)

Per DClsg, it’s rumored that this PD (the guy from the Hidden Camera episode) is supposedly leaving 1n2d to be a PD for a music show and so this was his last filming.  I remember him from a past ep saying that he wanted to be on a music show.  can’t remember if he’s a PD or a cameraman… he def became a star while appearing on 1n2d!

(cr: As labeled LSG Airen fan cafe; naver blog Timeless)

See more BTS photos from earlier posts:

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  1. More pictures! nice.

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