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Korea’s Prince Seunggi meets World Star Rain, Strong Heart cuts

*** UPDATED with English subbed video ***

LSG video cuts from Tuesday’s (5/4) Strong Heart episode:
English subs: LSGfan; video credits: rapport2010; tryp96

SeungGi’s excitement over seeing Rain (all LSG cuts)
Seunggi imitates Rain’s wave dance, is super happy to hear Rain say he came out to see Seunggi more so than Hodong, and greets Rain with traditional bow.

Seunggi was so super excited about meeting Rain! :)  Remember the SH from a while back when they talked to Rain by phone… and Rain totally made a nervous Seunggi’s day by telling him that he heard the show should be changed from “Kang” Shim Jang to “Lee” Shim Jang…

We knew this ep would be pretty epic based on the Strong Heart preview
well, Korea’s Prince, Lee Seung Gi finally got to meet Worldstar Rain.

I’m so glad this episode filmed before all the recent news/rumors about Jun Ji Hyun choosing between Rain’s Fugitive and Seunggi’s Gumiho drama.  You could tell in this ep that LSG has mad respect for Rain “sunbae.”  LSG has really become one of the most popular and admired celebs in Korea, often mentioned together with older top stars like Rain, Jang Dong Gun, Lee Byung Hyun, etc and he always seems a bit embarassed by it… I think he really feels that he still has a long ways to go to be genuinely considered with those guys :)

Following this SH episode, some news articles said that Seunggi was humiliated by bowing to Rain and that he shouldn’t have done that. And that this is not in line with who he is and his image, and that it may be okay for Hodong but doesn’t look good for LSG.  Even the Strong Heart PD got involved and defended LSG saying that it was not humiliating but that it’s just LSG not taking himself too seriously…

(screen capture credits: naver blog)

I wasn’t too crazy about LSG doing the bowing thing either.  And I wasn’t too into his body gags of falling on the floor laughing, way back when during the earlier episodes… it fits Hodong but doesn’t seem good for “prince” Seunggi! ha ha ha.  Anyway, people need to just chill out and not take everything so seriously!!!!

Rain and all the guests were hilarious and it showed in the tv ratings the next day!  And I’m usually not that into Teuk Academy even though I like the Super Junior guys, but it was totally laugh out loud this time (I think b/c they didn’t do the photo reveal thing; I’m so not into that part!).  Anticipating part 2 on Tuesday! :)

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3 Responses

  1. Ya, Let’s not take everything so seriously!!
    Love this epIsode VERY MUCH!

  2. Ann thank you for translation.
    I was confuse before (I read some where else and it didn’t make any sense)
    And now you just make it clear.
    (this part: LSG: The only thing I’ve learned is this! [jokingly referring to KHD’s habit of bowing]. :)

  3. I thought the bowing thing was cute and funny. Seung Gi doing a gag and let loose once in a while.
    Love this episode. I laughed a lot. Much better than the last few episodes which I thought were rather mundane.

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