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Kolon Sport website fronts LSG-LMJ’s CF

Kolon Sport’s revamped its website with video of LSG and LMJ’s CF on its front page.  Surprised they didn’t also post the Behind-the-Scenes video of the fashion shoot; people love that stuff!  They’ll probably continue to update regularly.  LSG and LMJ definitely look way more comfortable/natural together in the more recent shots!  I can actually see them potentially together in a kdrama now…

Not sure what’s going on with this photo below.  LSG’s arm looks like it’s cutting off LMJ’s neck, and LMJ looks like she’s missing a left arm… ha ha ha…

So, I’m not sure why they chose to use this for their print ads below.  Like the first photo the best in terms of quality but Kolon Sport was probably smart enough to know that LSG fans would not want to buy Kolon Sport clothes after seeing a pic of LSG’s arm around some girl! ha ha ha ha. :)

Event image.  wow, summer is really just around the corner…

(photo credits: Kolon Sport; DClsg)

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