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Song/MV options for LSG’s potential Gumiho track

*** UPDATED with fanmade 1n2d LSG cuts set to LSG songs ***

In waiting for more Gumiho news, fans are missing Seunggi the Actor and his Brilliant Legacy days.  He said he would be singing for the Gumiho OST and so I’m totally anticipating this… seeing LSG the Actor and LSG the Singer together in one!  Can’t wait to see a music video of Seunggi singing his own song set to his own kdrama…  Maybe he’ll do something like his Let’s Break Up song/video.  Forgot how beautiful this song is and how the music video was so gorgeously shot…

Let’s Break Up

(cr: TwirlyBox)

Or LSG could take a cue from the many fanmade Brilliant Legacy music videos that were set to his own songs!  Like fanmade Love Taught me to Drink could seriously pass as a professionally produced MV…

Love Taught me to Drink

(cr: TheRedSpotTV)

Will you Marry Me

(cr: kngsimp)

And because aside from Actor/Singer LSG, fans also love Variety 1n2d Seunggi too…  looks like he’ll be doing all three things once Gumiho starts…

Smile Boy

(cr: leeseunggi01)

I Want You

(cr: koolbjeongshin)


(cr: leeseunggi01)

Like the First Time

(cr: koolbjeongshin)


4 Responses

  1. hi…. I am one of seung gi fan. I think he smart and talented beside his voice and good looking….

    Perhap he always good performance….

    love you Seung Gi

  2. jkimj, have you seen a fanvid on YT of Brilliant Legacy w/ the song “Battle field” by Jodin Sparks ? THat’s so great and looks like a real official MV, but I guess it got deleted :(

  3. Haven’t seen it. looks like the accounts are getting deleted again :( def feel free to share any good links in the comments :)

  4. Thanks for the news and clips! They’re fantastic!
    Seung Gi is such a man who’s smart and colorful man!

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