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Happy Mother’s Day, Famous Princesses style [video]

Hope everyone and their moms and their kids (if you are moms) are having a great Mother’s Day!!  For the moms out there, hope you guys are fortunate enough to have a wonderful son (or daughter) like Hwang Tae Ja, Seunggi’s character from 2007 Kdrama Famous Princesses! :)

Hopefully, unlike Tae Ja’s mom, moms will understand that someday, kids will need to go off and get married, and that doesn’t mean he/she doesn’t love you anymore!! Haha.  And hopefully we’ll be so fortunate to be like Shin Ji Soo’s character and have an amazing husband like Hwang Tae Ja, that is, minus some of the mama’s boy-ness!

Here’s a cut of LSG’s Hwang Tae Ja character finally accepting the fact that his mom is in love with Mr. Gong and then, without his mom knowing, seeking out Mr. Gong about marrying his mom.  Read English translation below the clip…

(video credit: g3nxvtgrl, English translation: LSGfan)

HTJ: Why are you so late?
MOM: I think everything’s going to be okay b/c of Mr. Gong.
HTJ: Mom, what do you like so much about that ajusshi?
MOM: What do you mean “that ajusshi!” It’s Mr. Gong. We were about to lose the apartment and b/c of Mr. Gong we were able to get it back… don’t you think I’d like him?! And the way he talks is so smart and gentle.

[Talking to herself, she chides HTJ for not knowing anything even though he’s studying the same law studies].

HTJ: Who says I dont know; I know it all too.
MOM: Know? What do you know? Just go and study hard!
HTJ: Aren’t you going to see TaengJa (her grandson) before you sleep?
MOM: After seeing that amazing Mr. Gong on a day like this, I’m seeing his sweet and round face again and again, and I’d rather not see anything else. It will harm my eyes.

[HTJ totally in disbelief over his mom being in love with Mr. Gong has a hard time sleeping that night].

HTJ: TaengJa mom, um… actually forget it.
WIFE: What is it?
HTJ: What would you think if my mom was to get remarried?
WIFE: Think about what?
HTJ: By any chance, would you look down on my mom or scoff at her?
WIFE: That’s crazy. Even now, I would really like Mother to meet a nice man and get remarried.
HTJ: By any chance, is that because you don’t want to see my mom?
WIFE: When are you going to grow up? You’re really thoughtless. Think about it, having endured a lot since a young age on her own, we should let her meet a nice man now. Even if she were to get remarried now, whoever it is, I could treat him like my father-in-law.
HTJ: Do you really mean it?
WIFE: Sure, I really mean it.

[HTJ goes to visit Mr. Gong].

MG: What is it, asking to see me in the morning and all?
HTJ: I wanted to tell you something.
MG: Okay, sit down. What do you want to drink?
HTJ: Before that, first…
MG: Okay, talk. Do you need a favor from me?
HTJ: I’ll just be direct about it. By any chance, what do you think about my mother?
MG: She’s a good person. I told you that last time.
HTJ: Then, do you have any thoughts about getting married?
MG: With whom? Your mother?
HTJ: Yes.
MG: Oh no. I don’t have any thoughts of getting married. I don’t have any desire for that; it’s not my style. But, why do you ask something like this suddenly? By any chance, did your mom say something?
HTJ: Uh no! My mom has no interest whatsoever. It was just my own personal thinking. Well, I do have a favor to ask.
MG: Go ahead, ask.
HTJ: Even if you don’t get married, that’s fine… but what do you think about being a boyfriend to my mother rather than just a good friend?
MG: As a boyfriend?
HTJ: I will treat you as my father.

[End of episode].

3 Responses

  1. Does anyone know where I can watch eng subs of Famous Princess? Viikii doesn’t have all the episodes.


  2. Mysoju has eps 1-20 in eng subs.
    unfortunately, it looks like there are total 80 eps :(

    also YT has a bunch of LSG cuts but I think without eng subs.

    i haven’t seen the drama yet as this was before i knew lee seung gi (LOL)… so im curious about where to watch too.

  3. Good son for mom

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