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Burberry school uniform SeungGi, more BTS 1n2d photos

Seunggi looking preppy and sharp with a hint of the Burberry trademark showing at the pulled up sleeve cuffs, he was totally looking the part of his former days as school body president! :)  Seems they filmed a high school themed 1n2d episode.  As expected, following the first set of 1n2d Behind the Scenes photos, here’s more…

Actually, all the 1n2d guys were looking really cute in school uniform!
Maknae Seunggi and his hyungs…

(photo credits: DClsg; Airen cafe)

All the 1n2d guys playing a game…

Seunggi and the crowds…

(photo credits: tryp96 @soompi; Daum cafe)

And photos from the next morning?  Looks like they had great weather… :)

(photo credits: DClsg; As labeled)

2 Responses

  1. seunggi looks hot!!!!!
    can’t wait to see this episode!

  2. Looks like they played the sense (counting) game and KHD lost. That’s why he is sitting on the ground, dejected. Haha.

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