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The hat returns at Dongtan Central Park (5/5) [videos]

Last event on Seunggi’s 3-event packed Children’s Day.  Outdoor performance at the 2nd Spring Family Fesitval at Dongtan Central Park in Hwasung, 7:30pm.  Outdoor concerts and events are the best! :)

Must’ve been so exhausted by this time… coming from Paju performance in the morning to Samsung soccer halftime relay race with the kids and then finally to the last event.  Hope Hook’s getting him paid for all this!  But it looked like Seunggi was genuinely having a great time at all the events, and glad he got to wrap up the day outside on a gorgeous spring night…

Seunggi (or his Cody) seems to love these hats and I’m still not fully feeling the hat.  I think the only time I haven’t minded it was when he sported it for my fave fashion shoot for High Cut magazine. 

Also, Cody just loves putting in him in a black suit too!  It’s classic and nice, but as I’ve asked before, does “LSG always have to be suited up for his performances?  I would so love to ask Cody that – among many other questions! :)

omg, Seunggi’s singing so passionately that his neck veins are like about to pop out!  Noticed that a lot in his performances.  Aw, he really does give his all in all that he does! :)

He he he he he he he… :)

(photo credits: As labeled/DClsg)

Seunggi’s Ment (English translation below the clip)

(cr: leeseunggiworld; DClsg)

I’m really happy to see all of you.  So many of you came, I’m really thankful.  Did you get a lot of presents today on Children’s Day?  [screaming]  Wow, how many did you get?  [screaming]  You didn’t get any?  Did you have a good tasty meal before you came?   [screaming]  What, some of you didn’t eat anything and just waited?    [screaming]  Thank you.  Actually, this is my last song but because so many of you came and as a gift to you for Children’s Day, I will sing one more song.    [screaming]   I’m not sure if the track is ready.  It’s a song from my first remake album.  I think many of the parents here will know it better.  I’ll sing “One more Time.”

Interesting song list — One more time; Because you’re my woman; Let’s go on vacation; and maybe another song?  Seems no new stuff?  Probably did Will you marry me or Like the First time.  Maybe Hook knew he’d be tired by the end of the day and had him do his older songs.

on a side note, as a fan it’s great that there’s like news, events, or stuff everyday on Seunggi… but an event day after day or like 3 in one day is way too much to keep up with!  If fans are having a hard time keeping up, can only imagine how much harder it is from LSG! :)

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  1. Ann, I think the hat is to cover the hair bcos after a whole day of activity, the hair is not really obedient by then. Hoho.

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