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MC Mong ♥ SeungGi, 1n2d tweets

Mong’s tweets during 1n2d filming are so cute.  Hope he does this during every 1n2d filming!  :)  Read English translation of his tweets from the day…

6am.  Finally about to start filming 1n2d after 40 days.  Since it’s been such a long break, I’m going to fool around a lot.  Even if you hate it, please be patient.

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1n2d BTS photos in KyungJu, 5/7/10

Seunggi looks like even more the model student in his high school uniform!  Compare that to Mong in his uniform! ha ha ha  Mong’s so cute.  Can’t wait to see what this ep is going to be about later on!  Looks like the 1n2d guys are filming in KyungJu and the stalking fans are out in full force again! With all the irregular broadcasting and not having filmed since end of March, everyone just misses these guys! Expect many more BTS photos and fancams to surface… :)

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MC Mong’s twitter pics, 1n2d filming

Glad to see 1n2d back to normal filming schedule.  Mong’s uploaded some pix of the guys and this pic of Seunggi.  Awww…. make sure to check it out and leave a msg!  LSG looks more dressed up than using for a 1n2d filming, no?  Looks so retro, especially in that old school rural 1n2d bus! :)  Gosh, Seunggi must be so tired…  Hope 1n2d filming is not too torturous this weekend.  And expect to see more Behind the Scenes 1n2d filming pics on Mong’s twitter! :)

okay, seems the theme may have to do with them as students b/c it looks like both Seunggi and Mong are in high school uniforms… which explains LSG’s preppy look!

The hat returns at Dongtan Central Park (5/5) [videos]

Last event on Seunggi’s 3-event packed Children’s Day.  Outdoor performance at the 2nd Spring Family Fesitval at Dongtan Central Park in Hwasung, 7:30pm.  Outdoor concerts and events are the best! :)

Must’ve been so exhausted by this time… coming from Paju performance in the morning to Samsung soccer halftime relay race with the kids and then finally to the last event.  Hope Hook’s getting him paid for all this!  But it looked like Seunggi was genuinely having a great time at all the events, and glad he got to wrap up the day outside on a gorgeous spring night…

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