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Love taught me to drink on Children’s Day (5/5) [videos]

1st event on Seunggi’s 3-event packed Children’s Day.  Paju city council event called “Fly Birds Fly” on May 5th at 1pm.  He was the marquee performer but there were other guests/performers too.  Read that it was very crowded.  Based on the video montage, looks like they were showing LSG’s music video for “I’ll give you everything.”  Love that video and remake song but for Children’s Day?  Hmmmm…

And LSG’s You’re my Woman?
Looks like kid-targeted images on the big screen but at the bottom, looks like the words to LSG’s song “You’re my woman.” he he he.  He also sang “Love taught me to drink” which I think is even more weird!  Why Hook why?  Like why not Smile Boy song?!  Would be perfect for the little kids :(  But seems there were a lot of teens, young ppl, and older ppl there too…

Ment photos
I think Seunggi really likes the ment part, like he likes talking and joking with the fans.  Funny, at the Brilliant Legacy fan meeting, Han Hyo Joo teased Seunggi because he was so wordy with his answers!  He joked that she kept on signaling him to wrap up when they were on stage.  But she told him he’s probably one of the best public speakers in Korea!  ha ha ha.  He does tend to be wordy, but very well spoken! :)

The suit
ok, the suit was really clean and sharp looking and i really loved the charcoal grey color and the matching with the tie and loved the hair and makeup… 

(photo credits: As labeled/DClsg)

But check out the fancams of the live performances and his suit is like 2xs too big!  What the heck?  I know fans have talked about  this before – yes, he wears a lot of sponosored clothes but tailoring is not difficult, unless he has to return the clothes so his stylist can’t get it tailored.  I say if that’s the case, then Cody, pass on the sponsored suits and put LSG in his own tailored suits!  i’m sure he has plenty in that fab closet of his!  :)


Because you’re my woman

Love taught me to drink

Will you marry me (full stage)

Will you marry me (close up)

Just like the first time (full stage)

Just like the first time (close up)

(video credits: leeseunggi01)

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  1. Despite the oversized suit :) forgot to mention that I loved the live performances. Just love song “Like the first time” and really hope LSG and Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung sing it live some day!

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