Love taught me to drink on Children’s Day (5/5) [videos]

1st event on Seunggi’s 3-event packed Children’s Day.  Paju city council event called “Fly Birds Fly” on May 5th at 1pm.  He was the marquee performer but there were other guests/performers too.  Read that it was very crowded.  Based on the video montage, looks like they were showing LSG’s music video for “I’ll give you everything.”  Love that video and remake song but for Children’s Day?  Hmmmm…

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SeungGi and his little donseng fans

Event 2 on Seunggi’s totally packed Children’s Day events.
Samsug Suwon Soccer game at World Cup stadium.

In previous photos, Seunggi was looking like a real soccer player, and here it looks like he was having just as much fun as the kids during the halftime event!  omg, his flying hair! ha ha ha.  In addition to Seunggi and Leeteuk hanging out with the kids during halftime, their teams went head to head in this jumbo ball rolling race…

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