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A very bright LSG at Kolon Sport fan signing

Coming off a very busy Monday that included induction as Honorary Ambassador for the Lotto Commission’s public service activities and then immediately engaging in service to the elderly and needy children with 100+ volunteers — SeungGi, sporting a bright and stylish orange-yellow Kolon Sport jacket, met with 100 lucky fans for 2.5 hours at fan signing event today on May 4th, 11am at the Kolon Sport Culture Station.

ok guys, this is becoming a regular drill for us, with all of LSG’s events! :)
So per usual, first the press photos, and then the fan photos and fancams later on…

Kolon Sport held a SeungGi fan signing event at the Culture Station space for 100 lucky fans who were chosen from online comments left at the Kolon website.  This was the 3rd fan signing event within the past month for LSG, and it would be 4 if you count the Edwin-cancelled fan signing due to the major crowds.

Being able to smile with all your teeth showing is very big plus…

Oh no, the whole awkward hand grasping thing returns…

Loved Hwan’s early hair in Brilliant Legacy, and I’m starting to get really curious about what LSG’s character Dae Woong is going to look like in upcoming kdrama Gumiho… seems like he’s growing his hair for the role?

Love the jeans!  One of the first times I’ve seen LSG in a browned, weathered pair.  And I’m digging the button down oxford paired with the outdoorsy sunset colored Kolon Sport jacket, but…

what is is up with the saddle shoes????  Eeeeek!  TV Daily was smart to take the above photo from the legs up, BNT News not so fortunate…

Maybe next time there could be an event with both LSG and Lee Min Jung… although most of the female fans would probably not be too happy about meeting the Kolon Sport CF girl frolicking around with LSG! :)

More importantly, when is Hook is going to free up Seunggi’s time so he can have some downtime and also prep/memorize lines for his upcoming Gumiho drama???

There are a lot of hard working people in Kpop but with Seunggi MCing variety shows, singing at events, filming the neverending CFs and photo shoots, prepping for drama, and also fitting in community service… all these endorsement fan events are getting a bit out of control!  Hook Entertainment better give him some rest soon… or else!!!!

6 Responses

  1. Hook,please give Seung gi rest time!
    even though i think hook can not see what i wrote.
    let seung gi have more time to prepare his next drama.

  2. im not happy about seung gi hairstyle..
    i want his hairstyle to be cut, show the eyebrows.!!

    • exactly, last year after he finished his drama he had a nice haircut and now that he’ll be in a drama again… back with that hairstyle. aigoo!!

    • me 2,, I am not happy with his hair style and his make up these past few days..

  3. ok guys, 3 things we seem to agree on:

    1) hoping LSG’s hairstylist changes his hair up a bit.
    2) praying that LSG hires a new makeup artist.
    3) demanding that Hook give LSG some rest… or else! :)

    btw, what do you guys think of the saddle shoes????

  4. the saddle shoes!when i saw the pictures of seung gi.
    i was so pleased that orange casual coat made him so cute and bright .and of course,jeans is also the best.
    but,the shoes.
    ok,why the photograpgher took them ?
    please do not let us know he wore the saddle shoes instead of converse or nike or edwin someelse.

    but ,seung gi’s killer smile^^i love it.
    maybe it is the best choice to attract new fans in foreign coutries is to change his hair stylist and makeup artist .it is so important for each star.

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