Fancams and photos, Kolon Sport fan signing

Okay per usual, following up on the press photos with some fancams and fan photos from the Kolon Sport signing event.  According to fan accounts, unlike the other signings, they didn’t even have to get there early or wait in long lines since the 100 fans had already been selected ahead of time.  Also this event lasted almost 2.5 hrs, which seems longer than his other fan signings even though those were limited to like 200 fans.  So looks like these 100 lucky fans got more time than usual with Seunggi, and didn’t have to worry about being carted away by the manager! :)

Seunggi walks in and gets the fan signing started

LSG signs for little girl and her mom
Can’t make out what they’re saying, but Seunggi’s responding by saying, “Really?”  Looks like the girl made some booklet for LSG.  Aw, so attentive to the little girl…

Omg, first the hand-grasping from fans, now the pinkie promise!
What will fans think of next? Also, different from the other fan signings, nice that they allowed fans to get other things signed instead of LSG’s Kolon Sport photo…

No looping of Kolon Sport CF in background?
Was surprised they didn’t play LSG-LMJ’s recent Kolon Sport CF during the event; they’ve done that at every other one. Kolon Sport ppl are smart enough to know that the majority female fans would not be thrilled to see that CF on a continuous loop! :)
Still, some background music would’ve been nice…

And some select fan photos of LSG, master of expressions!

A reflective Seunggi…

A serious and meticulous Seunggi…

A cheerful and excited Seunggi…

A sincere, role-model Seunggi…
Toddler magnet LSG signs for his littlest fans…  the required Seunggi-with-little-kids shots.  FYI to ppl planning to go to future fan signings – make sure to bring some little kid with you; seems you get more face time that way… :)

A happy Seunggi receiving presents…

including a gorgeous home-made cake…

This cake may look familiar to some of you guys.  Remember this cake making LSG fan from this earlier fan account?  I was sort of freaked out by her wall size Seunggi poster in her kitchen, but can’t deny that she hearts her Seunggi! :)  Looks like she baked LSG another amazing cake for this fan signing… totally yummy!

(Fan photos: DClsg; As labeled)

And some BTS photos from LSG-LMJ’s photo shoot

(Kolon Sport BTS photo credits: Daum LSG starzone)

And in case you just can’t get enough of SeungGi in stunning sunset orange-yellow jacket…  fanmade video of photo wrap-up set to LSG’s song Melody…

(video credits: various fans; DClsg; leeseunggi01)

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