Fancams and photos, Kolon Sport fan signing

Okay per usual, following up on the press photos with some fancams and fan photos from the Kolon Sport signing event.  According to fan accounts, unlike the other signings, they didn’t even have to get there early or wait in long lines since the 100 fans had already been selected ahead of time.  Also this event lasted almost 2.5 hrs, which seems longer than his other fan signings even though those were limited to like 200 fans.  So looks like these 100 lucky fans got more time than usual with Seunggi, and didn’t have to worry about being carted away by the manager! :)

Seunggi walks in and gets the fan signing started

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Strong Heart, TV Ratings (5.4.10): Guest Rain, Part 1

(photo credit: TV Daily)

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A very bright LSG at Kolon Sport fan signing

Coming off a very busy Monday that included induction as Honorary Ambassador for the Lotto Commission’s public service activities and then immediately engaging in service to the elderly and needy children with 100+ volunteers — SeungGi, sporting a bright and stylish orange-yellow Kolon Sport jacket, met with 100 lucky fans for 2.5 hours at fan signing event today on May 4th, 11am at the Kolon Sport Culture Station.

ok guys, this is becoming a regular drill for us, with all of LSG’s events! :)
So per usual, first the press photos, and then the fan photos and fancams later on…

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