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Note to guys~ Girls think volunteerism is hot!

So it looks like immediately following the volunteer kick-off event ceremony as the new public face for community service and volunteerism for the Lotto Commission, Seunggi got right to work with the other volunteers by serving food to the elderly…

And polishing shoes…

And celebrating the start of spring with fresh carnations for the grandmas…

(photo credits: As labeled)

According to Financial News, SeungGi and 100+ volunteers visited this nearby senior center, and afterwards participated in a variety of service and fun activities with low-income children.  They reported that these volunteers were chosen from 2,271 netizens who had signed up on the Lotto Commission website during a 2-week online event publicized as being led by SeungGi.  69% of the netizens who signed up were female and the majority of them were young women between 20-30 years old.

There is definitely nothing more hot than a guy who volunteers during his spare time and we know that Seunggi has precious very little spare time.  A lot of Korean netizens have said that Seunggi is making girls have way higher standards for their guys!  I can definitely vouch for that~~

btw, who is that chick?  Looks like she changed out of her black cocktail dress!

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