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Ambassador Lee Seung Gi encourages volunteerism [photos, videos]

About a month back, it was announced that SeungGi had been chosen as this year’s honorary ambassador for the Lotto Commission. This role involves participating in public announcement commercials to promote the lotto and its volunteer and charity activities.  They said that Seunggi was chosen becase of his bright and clean image that appeals not only to the younger set but also to older people as well.  And it looks like the Lotto Commission had a kick-off volunteer event led by SeungGi on May 3rd at 10am in Seoul…

Looking very professional and sharp…

Can’t have a kick off event without a group HWAITING (FIGHTING) photo…

Who is this lady in the black cocktail dress?
An MC?  Lotto Commission rep?  Or maybe a beauty queen?  Anyway, she seems a bit over-dressed for the event!!!  She definitely put on her best for Seunggi! ha ha ha.

Ok, she is having way too much fun… is this an LSG fan event? :)

Looking very GQ and stylish
But what’s up with the faded color at the bottom part of the jacket and around the sleeve cuff?  At first, I thought that it was some sort of discoloration from the photos!  New trend?  But nice preppy ensemble…

(photo credits: As labeled)

News coverage and Fancams…

(Videos: leeseunggi01)

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One Response

  1. it’s good that Seunggi is involved in many volunteering services!

    I have to say is…. I hope that Seunggi changes his make up artist… ever since the last fan signing…. which was last Friday… I don’t like the make up… it’s too noticeable…

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