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Gumiho’s Lee SeungGi-Shin MinAh, CF Bluechips

“The CF king and CF queen have come together?” The casting of Lee SeungGi and Shin MinAh in the upcoming Hong Sisters SBS drama, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, is getting a lot of attention within CF circles as well…

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KyungJu fans show love for LSG, 1n2d 5/30 cuts

LSG video cuts from 5/30 1n2d episode:
[Read English translation below the clips]

Video clip: FansGirls, FanBoys, FanAjummas, FanAjusshis all love LSG!


Activia blog invites LSG fans to June fan signing

*** UPDATE – per Activia Blog, Fan Signing will be on June 11. Location TBA. ***

(original post, 5/20/10)

Despite eyes closed, still seeing Activia
Lee Seung Gi showing a peaceful smile^^
Right now, Seung Gi is thinking about Activia~~ hee hee hee

More creative LSG photos and cute comments up on Activia blog for this week…


All proceeds from LSG-KYA’s song to be given away

(cr: DClsg)

The rock version of SeungGi-Yuna’s Smile Boy song will be released on June 1st through varous online music portal sites.  KB Bank is also planning to release Behind-the-Scenes footage via their website and Twitter.  Further, it was revealed today that all proceeds/sales from the Smile Boy song will go towards a fund set up to support rising stars in soccer and figure skating…

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1n2d, TV Ratings (May 30, 2010)

*** UPDATED with single 1n2d rating ***

Most of you guys know that I’m totally against even the slightest bit of online hating and anti comments.  With that said, I just saw this totally incorrect and inaccurate post on Allkpop about the Family Outing tv ratings and I’m seriously questioning the qualifications and standards for Allkpop writers.  Allkpop is pretty much the most widely-read English-based kpop site and if they continue to put out posts like this (this isn’t the first time), it just makes kpop as a whole look bad… Especially around something like TV ratings which we know is totally serious business and not taken lightly by netizens and fans!  Hoping the people behind Allkpop will take their high profile status a bit more seriously…

Allkpop’s inaccurate post: Wonder Girls boost Family Outing 2 ratings to 22%

(photo credits: Laki photoblog)


Fanmade poster promos & video for LSG-SMA’s Gumiho

LSG fans have already begun photoshopping poster promos!  It makes me really anticipate the official posters and pix for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho!  Also, I think this may be one of the first fanmade videos of a potential SeungGi-MinAh match… Love it!

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Lee SeungGi Japan Fuji TV special, 5/2/10

This 30 minute special aired on Fuji TV in Japan back on May 2nd.  I’ve included translations for the SeungGi parts below the clips.  The rest is pretty pretty easy to follow even if you don’t know japanese since it’s basically about how wonderful and popular SeungGi is!

The special looks like a mix of all the short clips they were airing after each BL Japan broadcast, with some new footage too.  I really love seeing it all together in one clip because it really shows how much SeungGi is doing!  Like I totally take for granted singing-acting-variety-cf SeungGi, and to be at the top in a lot of these areas = pretty amazing!!!

Lee Seung Gi, Fuji TV Special Part 1 of 2
(Video: Tryp96;  English text: LSGfan)

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