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Pyeongchang Su fan signing, fancams and photos

Press photos from earlier entry showed a overly-white-powdered looking Seunggi, but the fan photos and fancams caught LSG in a more natural light (including some photoshop fun!)… much better either way!  And note to Makeup Artist- don’t make fans add you to the frustrated-because-Seunggi-deserves-better-list already including Cody/Stylist and Hook Management! :)

Fans definitely had no reservations in asking Seunggi to indulge their fandom! ha ha.

Event gets started with greetings from Seunggi…

And of course you can’t have a Seunggi fan signing without some cute little toddlers + their LSG adoring fan moms…

Seunggi diligently signing away.  You’d think it’s easy, but check out the fancams below; each fan gets a personalized autograph…

Seems very attentive to the fans… I guess when they adore you and shower you with love and presents, you can’t help but to love your fans back in return…

Aw, too much neck straining for seunggi :(  Hope they give him a high desk and chair for the next fan signings!  But he seems to be all smiles anyway! :)

Seunggi really has fans of all ages, even on an obscure Friday 3pm fan signing…

(photo credits: various DClsg fans)

** See larger photos at Binny’s naver LSG blog post from the fan signing.

** Also see Binny’s cute photo ablum of pics from LSG oppa fan signing events.


LSG’s entrance and intro
The Pyong Chang Su cheerleader rep says this is the second time she’s seeing LSG and repeatedly says how cool/stylish and wonderful he is! ha ha ha. And then LSG introduces himself as Pyong Chang Su model and points to a group of fans and jokingly asks, did you guys go to school today? to which they scream Yes! :)

Signing for fans 1
omg, the whole hand grasping things is too funny!!! cute.

Signing for fans 2
Is it just me, or does LSG seem to smile a bit bigger around the more fashionable and attractive fans? :) As he’s said in interviews, he’s a guy too! :)

Signing for fans 3
Looks like they were continuously looping his CF during the event. Anytime someone meets LSG, they always say how he’s even more cuter and lovable in person. and of course, how his head is really small! :)

LSG heading to van after fan signing
Fan comments in the background: He is really so cute. He looks like he’s lost a lot of weight. Look at those awesome and cute shoes. :)

(video credits: tryp96; various DClsg fans)

Was totally annoyed with cody/stylist and makeup artist after seeing the press shots, but per fan photos and fancams… despite LSG’s crazy cody/stylist, annoying Hook, and now the makeup artist, LSG gets things done on his own! :) :)

Looking forward to seeing after pix/cams from the May 4th Kolon Sport fan signing since the 100 fans will have already been selected.  Hopefully after that, he’ll have fulfilled his CF contractual fan signings for a while!

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2 Responses

  1. Soo cute, killer smile. Might I add, I AM a GUY, lol. LSG fanboy for life.

  2. seunggi has alot of guy fans because of his nation’s brother image. he has dongseng [younger brother) fans who admire-look up to him. also guy fans his age who feel like they relate becase he went to high school and college even as an entertainer. and he has a lot of older brother and uncle fans who see him as their little brother and son. everyone is proud of seunggi and wants him to succeed!

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