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Pyeongchang Su fan signing, fancams and photos

Press photos from earlier entry showed a overly-white-powdered looking Seunggi, but the fan photos and fancams caught LSG in a more natural light (including some photoshop fun!)… much better either way!  And note to Makeup Artist- don’t make fans add you to the frustrated-because-Seunggi-deserves-better-list already including Cody/Stylist and Hook Management! :)

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Pyeongchang Su fan signing, press photos

Notorious for religiously buying LSG-endorsed stuff, fans stocked up on Pyeongchang Su water bottles.  The fan signing was on Friday at 3pm… looks like Haitai Beverage company was targeting the highly coveted money-spending Oprah demographic of housewives and moms!  Obviously not teens, college students, or young working professionals!  BNTnews got the press pass for event photos.

More importantly, what is the deal with LSG’s makeup artist? Usually the cody is the one driving me crazy, but how could the makeup artist commit the cardinal sin of powdering the face without blending/powdering into the neck?  And what’s up with making LSG’s face so ghastly white?  His face and neck are like two different colors!

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Ukiss DongHo impersonates SeungGi in noodle CF

Looks like LSG’s CF contract with Dongji noodles really is no more…  This very similar looking CF started airing yesterday.  Like the whole set, concept, and slurping were practically identical to LSG’s CFs…

(cr: kissmeukiss)

DongHo is very cute but he could learn a few things about expressive slurping by reviewing some of Seunggi’s older CFs!  :) Gagwoman Park Misun doesn’t seem very natural; the mother-son relationship of LSG and top actress mom is hard to beat.  Compare to LSG’s June 2009 CF…

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