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SeungGi’s CF partner as Gumiho girlfriend?

Highly doubt it!  I don’t know when Lee Min Jung all of a sudden came into this entire drama around LSG’s potential Gumiho girlfriend, but as posted in earlier Gumiho news, an SBS producer said that LMJ along with Shin Se Kyung and Jeon Ji Hyun are being considered for the role.  LMJ has been highly sought after since Boys over Flowers and then the recent Smile You.  She’s also become a CF queen and is considered a good actress, but…

can’t see her in the Gumiho role or the drama in general.  LMJ and LSG look good together for Kolon Sport, but she definitely looks older than LSG in the photos, and I think for the Gumiho drama it would be better for the girl to look similar in age or younger than LSG.  Also, maybe it’s b/c Kolon Sports is more outdoorsy wear and so they’re not all made up b/c they’re supposed to look all natural, but can’t see them in a drama together now.

Check out LSG and LMJ’s Kolon Sports CF and BTS footage.

Anyway, Kolon Sport is probably loving the press buzz!  Also, it just feels like this is typical SBS, which is why the network annoys me sometimes… for example, Family Outing, Strong Heart, etc to name just a few.

(cr: Kolon Sport)

I’m really pulling for Shin Se Kyung now and have a good feeling it’s going to be her.  She’s really a good fit for the Gumiho role and I can totally see her and Seunggi together; she may not have Han Hyo Joo’s peronality but I think she and Seunggi could have really great chemistry!  If so, the tv ratings could be totally “daebak!” with the two of them.  SSK also has become a CF queen and has become one of the IT actresses since Highkick through the Roof.

As for 2ne1’s Dara — it’s totally messed up that stupid journalists put out totally groundless articles just to get some attention.  Based on early reports way back when around Gumiho, it seems that Dara really was considered but eventually it was seen not as the best fit by all parties.  Plus, there was some production staff conflict early on and they all had different actresses in mind for the role.  Anyway, hope her potential role in the upcoming Step Up movie works out.

Curious to know who people are pulling for and why… and please no hater comments :)

8 Responses

  1. Shin Sae Kyung is gorgeous!

  2. I have nothing against Dara but I am glad, it won’t be her.
    I sure she is a good actress… but I still don’t think seeing 2 singer turn actor is such a good ideal for the drama.

    I like to see Shin Se Kyung as Gumiho girlfriend.
    that my 2cent

  3. Shin Sae Kyung is pretty!!! ><

  4. Yes I will like to see SSK too. In fact when Dara was announced as one of the potential, I tried to watch one of movie on youtube to see how is her acting. Not so bad but I still think was a bit too loud in her expression. I couldn’t finish the show.

  5. shin sae kyung has a boyfriend younger than her at the moment..wht do u all think? that kind of image n shes suppose to act as seunggi’s girlfriend..if im a PD..i will think about it like that…isnt there othe candidate at all? im sure theres many other actresses out there…

  6. jeon ji hyun please…

  7. I think comes down to either Jeon Ji Hyun or Shin Sae Kyung… If Jeon Ji Hyun is thinking about not getting the role, than Shin Sae Kyung will likely get the role as Gumiho…

  8. Jeon ji hyun would be good and this could also be her comeback drama..
    My 2nd choice goes to Lee MIn Jung, they are adorable in Kolon Sport CF and she doesnt look older than SeungGi either…

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