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Which celebs would be really good to their parents?

My ongoing love-hate with these online polls and surveys that Korea just can’t seem to get enough of is still alive and well, which is why I haven’t posted news about these things even though Seunggi typically tops a lot of the surveys. 

Also, I’m not too hot about all this unnecessary LSG overexposure coming from some online survey results, and also find it sooooo annoying that the surveys are totally unscientific (which I’ve written about before) and yet taken as fact.

HOWEVER, had to post the results of this survey because with all the recent Gumiho rumors and news, it got me excited about the possibility of seeing Seung Gi acting alongside Moon Geun Young some day soon…

According to DataNews, LSG and MGY were chosen as the #1 celebs who would be good to their parents.  Anyone surprised?  We’re talking about the nation’s younger brother and younger sister respectively!   They also said that LSG was ranked as the #1 celeb in this same poll last year as well; so that’s 2 years in a row for him. :)

Eduwill conducted the online poll between April 16-27 and out of the total 986 votes cast, here are the results for male and female celebs:

1) Lee Seung Gi – 45.5%
2) Rain – 24.8%
3) Park Hyun Bin – 17.3%
4) Chun Jung Myung – 6.5%
5) Jang Dong Gun – 5.9%

1) Moon Geun Young – 41.4%
2) Jang Yoon Jung – 29.3%
3) Han Hyo Joo – 15.8%
4) Lee Hyori – 10.8%

See also LSG video clip about Top 5 Stars Suited for a Cap and Gown ranking.

One Response

  1. nation’s younger brother and younger sister !

    i love both of them.
    i wish someday seung gi can get a chance to CO-WORK with MGY.
    and i know seung gi likes MGY.

    there are too many polls in korea.
    i wonder that why they are still interested in these kind s of surveys.but if it is good for seung gi and prove that seung gi is popular.that is fine.

    for now,i realize that seung gi often gets a pair with three female stars in those polls.that is lee hyori,kim tae hee and moon geun young.all of them are super good.

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