Sandara Park favored to act opposite Lee SeungGi?

UPDATE 3 – SBS PD says that it will probably be Lee Min Jung, Shin Se Kyung, or Jun Ji Hyun.  Read more in updated post.

UPDATE 2 – Dara-favored-as-Seunggi’s-Gumiho-girlfriend vs. Dara-as-girlfriend-rumor-is-totally-groundless.  Read more in updated post.  Also includes LSG-2ne1 video clips from Strong Heart.

UPDATE 1 — Gumiho production rep says that Dara Park being favored for the role is “news to him.”  Read more in updated post.

According to Asiae, Sandara Park is being favored to act opposite Lee SeungGi in upcoming drama “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.”  I’d like to know the source…

Totally rumor still at this point!  The only news actually confirmed today is that Gumiho will start airing in August on SBS.  So it seems SBS beat out MBC for the drama, as MBC was heavily favored early on to have broadcasting rights.

There’s been so many production, casting, and broadcast rumors about the drama since it was first announced that Seunggi would be doing the drama, that I’m just annoyed now.  It’s like reporters are just writing whatever they feel like, sort of like an op-ed rather than an actual news article!

Anyway, this is only one news article, so if no one else is reporting Dara being favored at this point, the reporter is probably just trying to get some attention.  They were writing the same about Shin Se Kyung not too long ago.

Honestly, I wasn’t too hot about Shin Se Kyung or Dara Park, only because I wanted to see a more experienced actress opposite Seunggi… like a Moon Geun Young (wishful thinking!) so that Seunggi could become an even better actor.  Working with Han Hyo Joo in Brilliant Legacy really made him a better actor.

Heard that Dara had some acting experience in the Phillippines and even though I don’t follow 2ne1 that closely, really liked her when she was in Strong Heart.  But for this drama and this role, if I had to pick from the two, hope it’s going to be Shin Se Kyung — although, Seunggi has really proven himself as actor, I don’t think two singers turned actors is the best scenario for any drama!

To read more blog entries about Gumiho, check out My Girlfriend is a Gumiho category in the top right.



Here we go again with the back and forth among the newspapers.  In response to the Asiae article that said that Dara Park was being favored for the female role, a Star News article is reporting that they just spoke with a production representative who said that Dara Park as the female lead was “news to him.” 

If the Gumiho is trying to stir up pre-buzz then they have definitely succeeded…  from the minute that news was released that Seunggi was to star in the Hong Sisters’ new drama.  The Hong Sisters were just coming off the cult following success of You’re Beautiful and Seunggi was headed into super stardom after having wrapped up top rated drama Brilliant Legacy.

And today with the confirmation of the broadcast schedule for Wednesday and Thursday nights on SBS, there’s a lot of speculation and high netizen interest in who will act alongside Seunggi.

But they really need to confirm the female role soon; it better not be on purpose that they are not releasing the news!  Don’t want the casting news to take on a life of its own and detract from the drama itself!



Okay more news articles coming out and depending on which side you want to believe, it’s either Dara-favored-as-Seunggi’s-Gumiho-girlfriend” vs. Dara-as-girlfriend-rumor-is-totally-groundless.

Another reason why all this type of buzz is not good is that it makes the people who don’t end up getting the role feel bad, especially their fans too.  why hype up people, especially die hard fans, with unconfirmed news! 

Anyway, made me think back to the only interaction we really have of Seunggi and Dara and the 2ne1 girls… one of the first Strong Heart episodes like 6 months ago.  And to celebrate all these once suspended kpop YT accounts magically reappearing, here are some clips of LSG and Dara… hmmm, seems like LSG and Minzy have more chemistry, no? :)  I really miss Boom! :(

ughhhh, I so despise SBS!  Videos are gone.  Hope the other revived YT accounts are still intact… afraid to check.  (just checked, the LSG yt accounts are still there! yay!)



Asia Today is reporting that they just spoke to SBS Producer Kim Young Sup and he is quoted as saying “Lee Min Jung, Shin Se Kyung, Jeon Ji Hyun.  I believe it will be one out of the three.”

Okay, Jeon Ji Hyun’s name was floated early on but she hasn’t done a drama forever and she’s like busy trying to break into Hollywood… don’t see her doing this.  First time I heard Lee Min Jung’s name in the mix.  She and Seunggi recently filmed a CF for Kolon Sports and she and Shin Se Kyung are often mentioned as the new IT female stars, but I don’t see her doing this either.  Not sure who exactly Producer Kim is but seriously, they need to just make their final decision!  geez!

It really feels like it’s shaping up to be Shin Se Kyung?  And if it is, then the rumors from back in mid-March that hit a fever-pitch weren’t that off.   And even though I wasn’t too hot about the idea earlier on, I’m liking the idea of her and Seunggi acting together more.  Even if she’s a more new actress, she’s gotten good marks on Highkick through the Roof and she’s also with Namoo Actors (a reputable company that reps actors as Kim Tae Hee, Moon Geun Young, etc)

14 Responses

  1. im pissed from reading this article today!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sorry. had to edit/delete part of your comment. ppl are free to express themselves but please no hater comments… only b/c don’t think seunggi would approve! :)

  2. Lee seung gi wrote this letter in LSG gallary yesterday.
    Can you translate this? ><

    처음으로 글을 남기네요
    사실진작에 남기고는 싶었지만 꾹꾹 참았습니다^^.
    다른 배우님들 인증하는거 보고 부러웠습니다~
    그래도 항상 이승기 갤러리 분들 감사드린다는 말씀 드리고 싶었습니다!

    여러분의 관심과 응원 덕에 제가 더 열심히 할수 있는것 같습니다!

    뭔가 노력한 것에 대한 보답이랄까요? ㅋ

    아직 후회없이 노력했다고 하기엔 많이 부끄럽고 부족하지만

    마지막 방송이 될때는 자신있게 후회없이 최선을 다했다고 말할 수 있게 열심히 할겁니다!

    부족한점이 있더라도 많이 응원해주시구요, 기대에 실망으로 보답하는 일은 없을 겁니다.!

    원래 장담은 안하는데 이건 장담이라기 보단 저에 대한 다짐으로 다시한번 하는 말입니다^^

    최선을 다하겠습니다^^*

    이승기 갤러리 분들 고맙습니다~!

    • um… it’s not seung gi.. it’s probably made up by his fan.. and also seunggi mentioned on his last letter at his cafe that he will keep writing only at daum cafe.(If I remember correctly..)

  3. I agree with you Ann, “2 singers turned actors is not the best scenario for any drama”, even thought Sandara Park is a good actress in Philippines but she is still new for Korean.

    We just have to wait and see.:)

  4. i exactly agree with you.
    i hope a real actress can help seung gi to upgrade his acting han hyojo.

    i love moon geun young,although it is impossible for her right now.

    anyway,i hope shin se kyung is the main actress rather than sandara.

  5. I would read it as their support groups i trying to get as many favorable winning points for their candidates. it is usually very common during this final stage. basically to add some pressure on the casting panel to pick their choice. I would hope the ideal candidate is selected instead. My personal choice will be a more seasoned and experience actress with the right chemistry with LSG. Sorry but the two names mentioned are not my preference for the only reason that they do not clock up enough Kdrama experience.

  6. Sandara Park in the running hints that this could be a quirky off the wall drama (if she is indeed being considered). Not that Hong sis dramas were never that. We’re looking at quasi-fantasy Twilighty aren’t we?… well, at least that’s what is being written in some news articles. I don’t know, maybe we’ll also see some kick ass fashion on Gumiho. Something for you to have fun and critique at. lol.

    I wouldn’t stress out over the choice of actresses. Look like they’re shooting for a light and breezy summer drama. Maybe it’s the script that is not attracting the interest of the more seasoned actresses. But yeah, we have to get going soon. August is not too far away. Would be nice if the drama can film ahead a bit. Good for the flow of the storyline/script as well as for Seung Gi. I’m sure his schedule will be packed this summer.

    I’d think that Seung Gi also benefits from working with other experienced actors/actresses, not necessary only from his leading lady. I think things will work themselves out. :) I’m happy that Gumiho does not have to go head to head against Iris 2. \o/

    BTW, 1N2D still is working on the North Korea angle. May happen this summer too. Not sure how things are going to be with LSGi filming this drama.

  7. I saw this comment from
    “xp, on April 28, 2010 at 12:17 pm Said:

    FINAL UPDATE: There has been confirmation that this is not, in fact, true. Sandara Park is not being discussed for the role and that when drama representatives saw this on nate, this was the first time they ever heard of it. Many people who are observing the matter, however stated “The two seem to match each other well” and “It’d be really great if she was casted for the role.”

    We apologize for the inconvenience guys. >>>>:

    Translated by GEE @

  8. Lee Min Jung, Shin Se Kyung, Jeon Ji Hyun.

    i am so pleased to see these names.
    but i do not know who Jeon Ji Hyun is.if she is an sounds good.

    and i really like Lee Min Jung.she is a nice actress.if she was the candidate.i really hope she can be the true one.she is pretty and so charming.of course,she is so good at acting.

    i am exciting to hear any news about the heroein

  9. For me… we just wait and see.. who will be…………

  10. jeon ji hyun please…..

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