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Exclusive BTS photos from Zipel CF shoot

With recent news that 3,500 SeungGi-endorsed Zipel fridges sold in one month, LSG’s Samsung Zipel CF and marketing are still getting a lot of attention and love.  Hankook Ilbo got some exclusive Behind-the-Scenes photos from the CF shoot and released them today.  Didn’t know LSG was really into photography, although we knew about his fine taste in Leica cameras

Which celebs would be really good to their parents?

My ongoing love-hate with these online polls and surveys that Korea just can’t seem to get enough of is still alive and well, which is why I haven’t posted news about these things even though Seunggi typically tops a lot of the surveys. 

Also, I’m not too hot about all this unnecessary LSG overexposure coming from some online survey results, and also find it sooooo annoying that the surveys are totally unscientific (which I’ve written about before) and yet taken as fact.

HOWEVER, had to post the results of this survey because with all the recent Gumiho rumors and news, it got me excited about the possibility of seeing Seung Gi acting alongside Moon Geun Young some day soon…

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Sandara Park favored to act opposite Lee SeungGi?

UPDATE 3 – SBS PD says that it will probably be Lee Min Jung, Shin Se Kyung, or Jun Ji Hyun.  Read more in updated post.

UPDATE 2 – Dara-favored-as-Seunggi’s-Gumiho-girlfriend vs. Dara-as-girlfriend-rumor-is-totally-groundless.  Read more in updated post.  Also includes LSG-2ne1 video clips from Strong Heart.

UPDATE 1 — Gumiho production rep says that Dara Park being favored for the role is “news to him.”  Read more in updated post.

According to Asiae, Sandara Park is being favored to act opposite Lee SeungGi in upcoming drama “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.”  I’d like to know the source…

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Hong Sisters’ Gumiho drama set for August premiere

From Dramabeans post

After writing such beloved, zesty dramas as You’re Beautiful and Hong Gil Dong, the Hong sisters are coming back with a fantasy drama called My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho (a mythical nine-tailed fox), which has nabbed a slot in SBS’s upcoming schedule. It’ll take up the Wednesday-Thursday timeslot following the upcoming Kim Sun-ah ajumma-rock-band vehicle I Am Legend (which follows Prosecutor Princess).

The story features Lee Seung-gi as a somewhat wimpy dude who falls in love with a gumiho, which is a classic character in Korean folklore who looks human but eats organs to stay alive. He therefore lives in fear that she will steal his liver, unable to share his worries with his friends who all think he’s the luckiest guy alive to have such a gorgeous girlfriend. The female lead has not yet been selected, and producers are in the later stages of casting her.

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