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SeungGi and Kim Yuna separated by 3 days

(photo cr: DClsg)

According to Dailian, “figure queen” Kim Yuna and “nation’s prince” Lee Seung Gi will both attend the Samsung Suwon home games next month.  Per earlier post on LSG’s already busy May schedule, he’s performing at the home game on May 5th…

But looks like Kim Yuna is scheduled to attend the next game on May 8th…

Yep, thought they were going to say that they would be at the same game!  ha ha ha!

I mean they’ve already appeared together in KB Bank print ads, filmed a KB Bank CF together (well sort-of together!), and have been marketed together in Samsung college career forum flyers…  and yet, they still haven’t met in person.  they’ve only met through composite photographs!

So, I would definitely prefer that LSG not be with any girl, but if someday he really has to (ha ha ha), then I’d totally approve of Kim Yuna!  How can anyone not love her?
She totally had me and all my friends and family in tears during the olympics!

KB Bank, where’s that LSG-KYA cf you guys were supposed to be doing???

Also, hope LSG (or actually Hook, since they seem to make ALL the decisions about EVERYTHING!) totally changes it up and sings some of his older stuff like Smile Boy and maybe Paradise instead of his recent stuff; feel like some of the older stuff is a better fit for a sporting event, no?

2 Responses

  1. please meet in real person!!!
    i wonder how will kim yu na will fall in love with seung gi someday? >< he's already her ideal type since world cup.. ^^

  2. i think kb cf featuring lee seung gi is doing well right now so there might not be a new cf featuring the two of them.

    i agree with you ann, who can’t love kim yuna? by the way, I’m so thankful that yepu4 is back and I had the chance to watch old videos of seung gi. One thing that attracts me most was the sbs entertainment awards when he acted as an anchor. I was trying to figure out what mc yu jaesuk told lee seung gi during the “so called” interview with kim yuna. I was focusing much on the live monitor below the video. He said something like “choahe?” or “choaneunde?” to which lee seung gi answered with “nomu choa”.

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