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New BTS Pizza Hut CF photos

With all the broadcast cancellations, seems all this time off from 1n2d filming means more time for cf filming!  These are new behind-the-scenes photos from a recent cf filming for Pizza Hut.  Looks like Pizza Hut is going to definitely continue the “nation’s boyfriend” image -Yay!  Loving the style and outfits more and more with each new ad. Seunggi looks hot…

He sticks out his tongue often, no?  Compare to photo from MBC Music Gayo;;;

MBC Music Gayo, Dec. 2009 —

Love Baek Ji Young! Pizza Hut seems to use a lot of non-Korean ppl in their commercials… I like that.  Maybe b/c it’s originally an American brand. Also, like that the cf looks fun but not over the top silly, even though I know Koreans love those types of cfs!

(Pizza Hut photo credits: LSG Official Airen cafe; DClsg)

See photos and video from the last Pizza Hut BTS cf filming HERE. And see LSG’s preppy, romanitc fashion photo shoot from earlier this year at the Pizza Hut website.

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