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The 5 varying charms of Lee Seung Gi

Per the BTS photos posted earlier on, there’s a bunch of news articles out today about how the photos on the set of filming his new pizza hut cf convey five different and unique charms of Lee Seung Gi… 

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Hudang LSG, Strong Heart photo diary 2 [Seunggi vs Goo Hara]

Best of LSG’s Hundang gag/joke moments, photo diary part 2.  Last time Kara’s Goo Hara was on, it was revealed that she’s really into silly jokes too so the two battled it out to see who could tell the corniest joke!  Seunggi was definitely totally surprised by Hara’s joke skills!  Hara was really cute when telling her jokes…

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Hudang LSG, Strong Heart photo diary 1 [Seunggi’s jokes]

okay so I’m not a big fan of this hudang gag/joke part of the show… even LSG joked on a recent Strong Heart ep that this may be the last time viewers hear hudang gags from him!  ha ha ha.  Probably would totally bomb if anyone else told these jokes, but since it’s Seunggi, people think it’s cute and endearing!

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LSG gets motorcycle license for Gumiho drama?

We’re in the last week of April and still no new stuff about upcoming kdrama Gumiho.  I think the Gumiho production team said they would have a female actress cast and production stuff in place by the end of April?

The closest thing we have in terms of Gumiho news (and this is just based on speculation by LSG fans) is that Seunggi may be riding around in a motorcycle in the new kdrama.  A video recently surfaced of what looks to be Seunggi (even though you can’t see his face) taking a motorcycle license exam…

(cr: leeseunggiworld; cyworld; LSG official Airen cafe)

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New BTS Pizza Hut CF photos

With all the broadcast cancellations, seems all this time off from 1n2d filming means more time for cf filming!  These are new behind-the-scenes photos from a recent cf filming for Pizza Hut.  Looks like Pizza Hut is going to definitely continue the “nation’s boyfriend” image -Yay!  Loving the style and outfits more and more with each new ad. Seunggi looks hot… Continue reading