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LSG’s Brilliant Legacy BFFs on the set of Dong Yi

That is all of Seunggi’s BFFs… minus Seunggi.  Looks like Han Hyo Joo and Bae Soo Bin got a special visit from their Brilliant Legacy castmate Moon Chae Won on the set of Dong Yi.  Really love this entire BL foursome (of course only second to LSG-HHJ couple!) and during BTS BL filming they all really seemed chummy!

I despised Moon Chae Won’s BL character but really love how laid back and natural she is in real life. You rarely see her with a lot of make up or her hair all styled up.  I think she secretly likes Seunggi!  ha ha ha.  Well she chose him over Lee Min Ho on the BL YSMM special.  Actually, I think HHJ is a secret LSG fan too! :) Miss BL! :(
I’m still reeling over the fact that LSG chose MCW over HHJ in his Ideal World Cup!

Anyway, wonder what they talked about on the Dong Yi set…

I wonder if they talked about Seunggi! :)

(Credits: as labeled; Fujiwaranosai@soompi)

Also congrats to HHJ and Dong Yi for being #1 in its time slot!

3 Responses

  1. lol..u n ur fantasy…i do tht too sometimes…between yoona n lsg…n sometimes I feel bad watching yoona coupled with other ppl in other shows..its publically known thy both like each other…n I notice in yoona’s most recent appearance in SH, yoona participate extra hard in the show…n olso the many skit LSG done with othr woman in SH…tht hurts me too..lol…wht do u think? whose the better couple? LSG is olso like an idol..so, its hard for him to hv a relationship…but who knows…mybe he already did…with any1 of these woman…the g.o.d kim tae woo statement confuses me a lot…i don wanna kno the real truth/bitter truth behind their lives…Ive been hurt by japanese media scandal when I was following japan trend rather than korean…so, i dont want them to turn like thse things in jpn…thts the power of fantasy…lol…im too much of a fan I guess…dont mind me..carry on~^-^

    • don’t worry, i really think there’s no way that lsg is in a relationship… first he’s just way too busy. and he would never risk such a scandal right now and plus, his management company Hook would probably never allow it, or at least for a while! :)

      at least he can pretend date through his kdramas and music videos! ha ha ha.

      also lot of ppl think that the idols now are different from Kim Tae Woo and the idols like GOD from back in the day… like the celebs now are just way too busy with a gazillion events, tv shows, cfs, etc to even date.

    • you’re not alone. I sometimes do that too, thinking how is it like if he date this girl or that girl. but instead of yoona i was thinking of somebody else (yoona is a nice catch too).

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