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Happy Together 2009 Chuseok Special

*** Videos have been deleted by YT :( ***

Since a lot of LSG fans are feeling totally bummed about another 1n2d cancellation and really missing the show and the guys… here’s fan fave pair of Seunggi and Mong from the Oct 2009 Happy Together Chusok special episode (7  parts) with English subtitles.  Again, see it while you can b/c luvebakeel is another one of the awesome 1n2d yt channels that’s magically reappeared!!!!

p.s. To Mong~ LSG fans feel bad about your recent breakup and are thinking about you… nothing against Joo AhMin, but Mong, you can do even better! :)

** See LSG’s Happy Together New Year Special from Feb 2010 HERE.

3 Responses

  1. I just read a comment from one of Seunggi’s fans. She called KBS to see if 1n2d is on today. She was told that 1n2d is on today. So, I guess that we will see Seunggi this week then…What a great news!!!

  2. Really? if this is true that will be greatest news of the week….haha we will have to wait and see

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