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Invincible Youth SNSD Yuri = 1n2d SeungGi

UPDATED — with new YT video clip to replace previous deleted one

(cr: TVreport)

KBS Invincible Youth’s April 23rd broadcast opened with the G7 girls and MCs Kim Shin Young and Kim Tae Woo where 1n2d usually films their opening.  Tae Woo says that they are at the filming site of the famous 1n2d show and so of course they need to copy them.  They do a parady of the 1n2d opening; MC Kim Shin Young is assigned to play Kang Ho Dong and Kim Tae Woo tells SNSD Yuri to be Seunggi…

Kim Tae Woo tells Yuri that Seunggi’s “팔자” is no joke!  팔자 means destiny/fate but I think at the same time it might also refers to one’s facial crease marks around the mouth (?)  After they do the typical 1n2d opening, Kim Shin Young (in the role of Hodong) points to Yuri, and says “Seunggi-yah, sing a song.”  Yuri steps forward and starts singing Seunggi’s Will you Marry Me.

Check out this opening sequence in the clip below.  The video will probably be deleted soon so catch it while you can; and see the rest of the episode clips at the credited yt account.

(cr: yurimyangel)

5 Responses

  1. OMG ! sorry ، but i Hate snsd ! (Specially from hate yoona)

    Thank you

    • haha! I’m beginning to like their song run devil run only when my favorite kim yuna performed it on ice.

  2. okay guys updated with another yt video to replace deleted one. thought it was cute how yuri sang lsg’s will you marry me when mc shinyoung spontaneously told her to sing.

    aw, let’s try not to hate guys. :)

    yeah, saw kim yuna doing run devil run too. she’s amazing!

  3. thanks ann! just in time i also found another yt video. I can’t believe I’m watching Invincible Youth just because of lsg because normally I don’t watch this one. I also find yuri sexy and pretty.

  4. Do you where i can see video clip anymore? Sorry that i’m late to see this post..

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