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Childrens Day May 5th events

(credit: DClsg)

To celebrate Children’s Day (a big deal in Korea), the Paju city council is sponsoring an event called “Fly Birds Fly” on May 5 (Wed) at 1pm and looks like “Singer Lee Seung Gi” is the marquee performer…

(cr: cafe naver pajumom blog)

With his clean cut image, Seunggi is like the perfect role model… we know he definitely has fans of ALL ages and both girls and guys.  But I’m still amazed at his large reach…  from toddlers to little kids to teens to college students, young adults and older people.

I really think Seunggi’s going to be around in the industry for a long time, which is pretty hard to come by in the fickle korean entertainment world where they love to shower you with love for a while and then move on looking for the next new IT person.  Sure, only time will tell.  But Seunggi’s popularity has been on a constant slow rise ever since his debut and increasingly when he started 1n2d two and half years ago, and of course skyrocketing with Brilliant Legacy.

Hodong was definitely prescient when in the 1 year 1n2d anniversay ep where Seunggi had to do all those autograph signings, in the van, Hodong said that he thought Seunggi popularity could go on for like 10 years!

Plus with all his public community work and his ongoing graduate studies, Seunggi will definitely be able to keep himself busy with other stuff!

okay back on topic — curious to know what he’s going to sing at the Children’s Day event!  It’s not like his songs are typically geared at little kids.  maybe he’ll do some covers of children’s songs… that would be so cute. :)

UPDATED — more Childrens Day events

Okay, looks like this Paju event is only 1 of 3 events that Seunggi is doing on May 5th!  After his 1pm performance in Paju to celebrate Children’s Day, he’s scheduled for a 4pm performance at a soccer Suwon Samsung Bluewings homegame at the Suwon Worldcup Stadium, and then will finish up the day at the Spring Family Festival at Dongtan Central Park around 7:30pm!

So this means 3 days of official events, which doesn’t include probably other informal meetings/events he’s doing that aren’t listed on his official schedule… and fans seem to always get photos and news of those things sooner than later anyway!  Here’s the 3 day official posted schedule:

May 2 – 1st Youth Festival at Daegu City Main Hall /3PM-5PM.

May 4 – Kolon Sport Fan Signing Event at Kolon Sport Culture Station/11AM

May 5 – Paju City Choir [Concert for Children’s Day] at Paju city main hall/1PM

May 5 – K-League [Suwon Samsung Bluewings Team] Homematch at Suwon Worldcup Stadium/4PM

May 5 – 2nd Spring Family Festival at Dongtan Central Park [Hwasung]/7.30 PM

(schedule credit: LSG official Airen Cafe; leeseunggiworld.wordpress.com)

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