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Little girl’s 1n2d picture book for SeungGi oppa

These are video clips of cutie pie Hosana, uploaded by her mom (crysaliscocoon from the LSG soompi thread)  They went to meet SeungGi at the recent Osaka, Japan fan meeting! And Hosana made a special 1n2d picture book to give to SeungGi oppa!

Part 1 of Hosana’s 1n2d book
(read English/Japanese/Korean translation below the video clip)

Thx crysaliscocoon for letting me post your clips! Hosana is just tooooo cute!

English/Japanese/Korean translation, Video Part 1:

(Book cover)- すんぎさん の いっぱく ふつか 승기오빠 의 1박2일 seung gi oppa’s 1n2d. (p1)- のりもの は なに?탈것은 무엇? what’s the vehicle? (p2)- ちっちゃい くるま に ぜんいん のれるかなぁ?작은 차에 모든 멤버가 탈 수 있을 것인가? can everybody sit in this tiny car? (p3)- のれた!탈 수 있었다! we could!! (p3)- くるま の なかで あみだくじ を しました 안, 「사다리」를 해서 놀았습니다 played -drawing loto- in the car. (p4)- ふたりしか たべられないよ 2명밖에 먹을 수 없어요 only 2 of us can get the snack. (p5)- うみ が あったので じゅすい しました うみ が あったので じゅすい しました바다가 있었으므로 입수했습니다 found an ocean so jumped into the sea. (p6)- ベースキャンプ に つきました베이스캠프에 도착했습니다 arrived at the base camp. (p7)- よるごはん を かけて はた あて げーむ밤 밥을 도박 해서 국기예측 게임 played -flag quiz dor dinner).

Part 2 of Hosana’s 1n2d book (her face says it all at the end… so cute!)

English/Japanese/Korean translation, Video Part 2:

(p8)- だれも たべられません でした아무도 밥을 먹을 수 없었습니다 nobody could eat the dinner.  (p9)- うんだめし を しました からかったら そと からく なかったら おうち で ねます 복불복 게임을 했습니다 매우면 노숙 맵지 않으면 집안에서 잘 수 있습니다 a trial of luck. if it was hot , you have to sleep outside. if it wasn’t you can sleep inside the house.  (p10)- すんぎさん は むし を やっつけて います승기오빠 는 벌레퇴치를 하고 있습니다 seung gi oppa is fighting with insects.  (p11)- きしょう みっしょん はた を とったら ごはん が たべられます 기상 미션 기를 취득하면 밥을 먹을 수 있습니다 wake up mission. the man who grab the flag can eat breakfast.  (p12)- やったー ばんざい!!앗싸 만세!! I did it! hooray!! あーあ 아이고 oh my…  (p13)- すんぎさん は あさごはん を たべることが できました 승기오빠 은 아침 밥을 먹을 수 있었습니다 seung gi oppa could eat breakfast.  (p14)- また らいしゅう 또 다음 주 see you next week! (Back cover)- いるばっ いーいる 1박2일 1night2days!  The End.

And one more clip of Hosana’s love for Seunggi oppa.  People of all ages just can’t help but to love SeungGi… from the babies, to the little kids, to the tweens, young adults, and grandparents!  But like the earlier photos of Seunggi playing with the kids from the KBS Dong Heng show, there’s something about kids and Seunggi…

Per chysaliscoccon — “Unexpectedly, we had a chance to see lee seung gi’s performance in street TV in Shinokubo, Tokyo.  Hosana (daughter) is looking.  Hardly didn’t move till the perfomance ends.”

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