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High Cut magazine photo spam + Q&A [Aug 2009]

Get LSG-like lips. What’s in LSG’s bag? Seunggi’s photoshoot. Even though it was almost a year ago, had to include this High Cut shoot, one of my fave Seunggi photo spreads.  (English translation: LSGfan)…

Beauty Q and A (April 2010)

To get SeungGi-like lips, High Cut recommends the following items:

Q: I am an Lee Seunggi fan.  Even as a guy, it’s impressive to see how he takes care of himself, even with all the outdoor variety show filming.  In particular, for guys who want to take care of their lips, what do you recommend to get clean lips like that of Lee Seunggi?

A: Lee Seunggi is famous for taking good care of his skin.  Actually because guys don’t wear makeup, they take care of their lips.  Because Lee Seunggi has lots of closeup shots, they say that he uses lip balm and lip gloss type of care products.

Open Your Bag (Aug 2009)

From the High Cut Aug 2009 feature about what’s in Seunggi’s bag. Didn’t realize he was such a fashionista!! actually, probably whatever his stylist says is fashionable… I really don’t get the sense that LSG is like totally into high fashion, like he enjoys it but would be happy in jeans and a t-shirt! Cute that his sister got him that dvd player and totally seunggi to be regularly monitoring himself with a recorder! and how cute is it that his mom prepares his weekly vitamins!!!! actually, my mom is totally obsessed with making sure I take my vitamins too!

Popular among trend setters, this big grey Balencia bag was purchased [at some store].  At his Jan. 2009 fan meeting, Seunggi suprised everyone with his Japanese fluency.  After watching Kimura Takuya’s drama “Pride,” he started studying Japanese on his own about a year ago.  The Sony voice recorder and camcorder is a necessity that’s been with him since his debut.  Recording demo songs and recording during filmings and monitoring has become part of daily life.  The cutely designed Sony DVD player is a gift from his younger sister who saved up her own money and is studying abroad in America.  “Just movie DVD collection is about 100?  These days, I’ve been watching Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise’s classic Rainman.”  The 500 song  filled ipod was received as a gift from a Japanese fan.  “I regularly listen to songs from Kim Dong Ryul, Lee Seung Chul, and TOY sunbaes.  I really respect their vocals and songs.”  Strong sunscreen that is applied regularly during 1n2d filming.  Easy to use lip treatment stick and lotion are used.  The gold edgy purse is Martin Margiela.  “Received as a birthday gift from stylist Choi Sun Hee, it has a washed look that I like and so I’ve been using it for like 2 years.”  And in the precious blue pill case are weekly vitamins prepared by his mom.

Sony HandyCam – thankful camcorder that monitored Sun Woo Hwan for 24 hours during Brilliant Legacy

Horn-rimed glasses – purchased at a special glasses close-out event

Fedora – purchased in Japan at a CA4LA store

Vichy sole stick SPF50+ – strong against UV rays and great for 1n2d filming

Beginning level Japanese textbook – started studying a year ago

Leica Digital Camera – purchased at a Japanese specialty store

Pencil case – includes a range of colorful pens and colored pencils

Uvidea SPF50+ – blocks UV rays, sunscreen, gentle and moist

Martin Margiela vintage wallet – received as a birthday gift

Magazine Photo Shoot (Aug 2009)

Would love to see Seunggi with this High Cut Aug 2009 photo shoot hair and overall style again soon…

(Images for Aug 2009 photo shoot: Lishathestain@soompi)

See soompi thread for Seunggi’s HighCut fashion shoot HERE.

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