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Next week’s Strong Heart preview with Rain

Next week’s Strong Heart looks pretty epic… with worldstar Rain at front and center.  I haven’t followed Rain too closely but I love that he does all the variety shows despite his uber status!  Plus, he’s so adorable and so charming!  Loved him in kdrama Full House.  So curious to see what the above preview screen capture of Seunggi bowing to Rain is all about…

Ironically, Rain was the Pizza Hut model right before SeungGi came on; and they’re usually both included in the top five in those crazy korean survey polls.  Seunggi seemed so nervous talking to Rain on the phone last time on Strong Heart, and knowing humble Seunggi, I’m sure he feels a bit embarrassed to be included with the likes of Rain in those things! :)

Here’s the preview for next week’s episode:

(cr: tryp96)

And an acting-cute-SeungGi clip from today’s Strong Heart:

Seunggi imitates Highkick through the Roof’s Hwang Jung Eom’s signature
“aegyo” poses and expressions…. cute!

(cr: tryp96)

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  1. he really is so cute and adorable! he does everything hahaha

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