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Pizza Hut reminds fans that LSG endorses them too

(cr: Pizza Hut: DClsg)

New promo from Pizza Hut.  With all of Seunggi’s CFs out there and Activia and Zipel recently putting out press releases about increased sales/profits and upcoming fan signings, Pizza Hut reminds people that their brand is also  endorsed by master-marketing model SeungGi!  Actually, the CF stuff seems pretty well spread out so every company gets its time in the news.  A few weeks ago, Pizza Hut reported seeing an increase in sales after Seunggi came on to rep their brand as well…

More importantly, looks like Pizza Hut came to their senses and kept the mozart-esque fashion theme going but totally revamped Seunggi’s outfit!  Thank God!  Still don’t know what they were thinking with the curly mop, 10-year old looking Seunggi promos the first time around.  Great idea when they started marketing Seunggi as nation’s boyfriend more so than nation’s younger brother

And based on LSG’s outfit, looks similar in style to the Behind the Scenes photos and video of LSG’s Pizza Hut Smart Lunch cf.  But more importantly, the ruffled white shirt looks great with that blue jacket, and love love love the hair! 

Check out the Pizza Hut LSG Smart Lunch website for more pix and stuff.

2 Responses

  1. I love the hair too~!!

  2. i thought the ruffled white shirt was better for girls to wear.hoho^^
    but it looks great for him.

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