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Lee Seung Gi the Singer [fanmade videos]

Since everyone’s missed seeing Seunggi on tv with all the recent broadcast cancellations, here’s a fan compilation of LSG’s best couple moments set to his song Will You Marry Me. It includes the pretend marriage between the little fangirl and her Seunggi oppa on 1n2d, LSG-Shin Ji Soo couple from Famous Princesses, LSG-Goo Hae Sun goodbye scene from Nonstop, and LSG-Han Hyo Joo from Brilliant Legacy…

(cr: DClsg; tryp96)

And for those who’ve been missing SeungGi the singer…

Lee Seung Gi – Delete

Lee Seung Gi – Happy Ending

Lee Seung Gi – 아디오

(cr: leeseunggi01)

4 Responses

  1. LSGfan, Thanks for the wonderful video clips!

    • I know! aren’t these videos great? All the uploading credit goes to leeseunggi01@youtube and the orignial content credit goes to the DClsg fans. They are amazing at updating on LSG news!

  2. Thanks Ann for the wonderful video clips. Love Will you marry me and I really love the song – Adio.

  3. wooo…lsg is no doubt a singer…btw, do u notice hw great 1n2d member are? all of them hv at least produced an album@single..meaning all of them are singer olso…2 rapper/composer, 1 indie group, 2 gag men/mc/singer?, n lastly theres LSG to top it off..truly great..i do not know if thy wouldve casted an actor in the show..heard theres one offered before lsg came to da show…tnk god lsg company accepted it…lol

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