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Fan accounts from April 15 Strong Heart filming

Remember this capture from Strong Heart a few weeks ago?  They got Rain on the phone and he talked with After School’s Uee and also talked to Seunggi, joking that he heard that the show’s name “Kang Shim Jang” would soon be called “Lee Shim Jang.”  And Hodong asked Rain to come on the show once he was back in Korea? 

Well, true to his word, Rain showed up at the April 15th Strong Heart filming… 

This was also a few days after Strong Heart’s Tuesday broadcast came in second place for the first time.  Although a few press articles made it out like it was the end of the world, SH was maintaining its #1 time slot and recent broadcast cancellations due to the naval ship tragedy and the first Rain interview on KBS Win Win last Tuesday all probably had some impact.  So kind of ironic that Rain was one of the guests at the April 15th Strong Heart recording.  I’m sure Hodong gave him a hard time for spiking KBS Win Win ratings last week!  :) 

In addition to Rain, some of the other guests also included:  MBLAQ’s JiHo, Epic High, Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul, and Chung Ga Eun.  And per usual, some DClsg fan accounts about Seunggi from the recent Strong Heart filming…


Fan Account 1 (translated by LSGfan.wordpress.com)

When Seunggi went inside to eat dinner, I asked one fo the writers to give my present to Seunggi since I had also included some food for him.  I had prepared some fruits and included a hat gift.  When Seunggi came out afterwards, I called out to him asking he he had received my hat.  I don’t think he heard me because he didn’t answer.  So I called out to him much more loudly and Seunggi said he got it saying “Yes, I think it was blue.”  Omigod, I thought I was going to stop breathing! 

They started filming again.  Guests sang and danced and Seunggi gave a lot of good reactions and looked like he was having a great time.  Filming had started again at 8pm and went on straight through 11:30pm.  During this time, guests would get up and leave for a few minutes to take a bathroom break or so, but since LSG is MC, he had to stay put the whole time.  I bet Seunggi was pretty tired, but if so, he didn’t let on.

After a short break around 11:30pm, they had to film a bit more to get additional guests in.  The entire filming probably finished close to 1am.  Seunggi wished everyone a safe return home and per the fan account at the Airen Fan cafe, Seunggi signed something for someone.  I waited afterwards to see LSG leave and he came out about 20 minutes later; he was the last one to come out.  He smiled, laughed and waved to us before getting in his van. 

He was doing the Sunkist fan signing even the next day so he must have been so tired.  Anyway, Seunggi worked so hard and he was really cute. ♡


Fan Account 2 (translated by LSGfan.wordpress.com)

Around 3:30, Seunggi was the first one to come out on to the stage.  I’d seen him before a few times at other performances, but I don’t know if it’s because he changed his hairstyle, but I really thought it was some doll walking out on to the stage!  His hair has gotten a little longer and his curls have flattened out a bit~  His clothes — white t-shirt, red checkered vest type thing, jacket to top it off, and navy blue pants. 

Because he looked so cute, as soon as he came out, I said our hair looks really good and he said thanks!  We also asked if he had eaten~~  And Seunggi asked Hodong what he was planning to eat and Hodong said he was going to have kimbap and laughing joked to Seunggi, “It’s not like you’re going to buy me food so why are you asking!” to which Seunggi was like oh yeah!  ㅋㅋㅋ They joked around like this a bit and started filming the opening. 

After filming the opening, they said that dinner would be at 6:40pm so Seunggi went in to eat.  And before he went in our sweet Seunggi came over to the audience area and told us to have a nice dinner. 


And a funny LSG video clip from the last Strong Heart broadcast…

SeungGi reenacts role of cheating boyfriend with actress Go Eun Mi.  But because she can’t seem to get up the nerve to get all mad at Seunggi and slap him as is called for from the kdrama scene, she asks Hodong to step in since she thinks it would be easier to get mad at him!  To which, comedian Kim Hyo Jin (SH regular) calls out Go Eun Mi, asking if she likes SeungGi… to which she gets all embarrassed and says how can anyone slap Seunggi’s face… :)  We agree!

(cr: tryp96)

And good news — there will be a Strong Heart will be broadcast on Tuesday! Yay!

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  1. good thing there’s ksj tonight. I’m not expceting for a high ratings though. It’s still a continuation of last weeks episode and kbs win win will have snsd i think. Either way I hope that the show will be interesting enough to capture viewers and i’m looking forward to a revamp (limit their guest so everyone get the chance to speak) ksj in the future. Fighting! khd and lsg!

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